Once Upon A Time In Mexico (2003): Body Count Breakdown

Once Upon a Time in Mexico Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Gregg)


El Mariachi (Antonio Banderas): 37
Lorenzo (Enrique Iglesias): 11
Fideo (Marco Leonardi): 10
Agent Sheldon Sands (Johnny Depp): 7
Gen. Emiliano Marquez (Gerardo Vigil): 3
Carolina (Salma Hayek): 3
Billy Chambers (Mickey Rourke): 1
Armando Barillio (Willem Dafoe): 1
Jorge Ramirez (Ruben Blades): 1
Ajedrez (Eva Mendes): 1


Opening/Bar: 8
-Mariachi blows up 4 thugs with electric guitar
-Mariachi shoots 1 thug
-Carolina kills 2 soldiers with throwing knives
-Carolina stabs 1 soldier in the throat with a broken beer bottle

Town: 1
-The guitar maker is shot by Sands’ men

“Restoring the balance”: 1

-Sands shoots the cook

Church Shootout: 9
-Mariachi shoots 9 thugs

Restaurant: 2
-Sands shoots Belini
-Sands shoots the waitress

Coup Flashforward: 8
-2 of Marquez’s soldiers are shot by presidential forces
-3 dead presidential soldiers seen on steps
-Marquez’s soldiers shoot 1 presidential soldier
-Presidential forces shoot 2 of Marquez’s soldiers

Marketplace: 6
-Mariachi shoots 6 thugs

Chase: 11
-Mariachi unlocks cart carrying 2 thugs, causing them to be hit by a truck
-Mariachi shoots 8 bikers
-Mariachi jumps out of his car and it runs down 1 thug

Betrayal: 1
-Billy strangles Cucuy to death

Flashback: 2
-Marquez guns down Carolina and her daughter

Escape: 1
-Mariachi shoots 1 thug

Base: 1
-Marquez shoots 1 of his own men

Hospital: 6
-5 surgeons shot by thugs
-Barillo’s double shown to be dead

Streets: 1
-Sands shoots 1 thug

The Coup: 57
-Marquez’s soldiers blow up 8 presidential soldiers
-Marquez’s soldiers shoot 1 rebel
-Fideo shoots 1 of Marquez’s soldiers
-Rebels shoot 6 of Marquez’s soldiers
-1 dead presidential soldier seen on steps*
-Marquez’s soldiers shoot 7 presidential soldiers
-1 dead rebel shown in streets
-Lorenzo shoots 2 of Marquez’s soldiers and they fall off roof
-5 of Marquez’s soldiers shown dead
-Fideo shoots 3 of Marquez’s soldiers
-Lorenzo shoots 3 of Marquez’s soldiers
-Lorenzo burns 2 of Marquez’s soldiers with a flamethrower and they are finished off by a rebel
-Lorenzo burns 1 more of Marquez’s soldiers
-Fideo blows up a truck containing 1 of Marquez’s soldiers
-Marquez’s soldiers shoot 2 of El Presidente’s bodyguards
-Mariachi shoots 1 of Marquez’s soldiers
-Fideo shoots 3 of Marquez’s soldiers
-Lorenzo shoots 1 of Marquez’s soldiers
-An injured soldier accidentally shoots El Presidente’s advisor in his death spasms, and he is then finished off by Lorenzo
-Mariachi shoots 1 of Marquez’s soldiers and he slides down railing
-Fideo shoots 1 of Marquez’s soldiers and he falls off balcony
-Mariachi, Lorenzo, and Fideo shoot 1 of Marquez’s soldiers and he flies down staircase
-Sands shoots 2 thugs
-1 of Marquez’s soldiers shown dead on the streets
-1 of Marquez’s soldiers is blown up by a rebel

Face/Off: 1
-Mariachi shoots Marquez

Palace Entrance: 1
-Ajedrez shoots 1 presidential guard

“See anything you like?”: 1
-Sands shoots Ajedrez

Finale: 3
-Ramirez shoots Guevera
-Barillo shoots Billy
-Mariachi shoots Barillo and he falls off a balcony


*3 other bodies were seen in the flashforward.