Once A Thief (1991): Body Count Breakdown

Zong heng si hai [Once A Thief] (1991) Bodycount Breakdown


James/Jim (Leslie Cheung) – 26 kills
Red Bean Pudding /Joe (Chow Yun Fat) – 23 kills


Cliff side/Escape– 15
-Jim shoots 2 thugs
-Joe shoots 2 thugs
-Jim shoots 1 thug, then 1 more which is on a motorcycle
-Jim shoots 2 thugs
-Joe shoots 6 thugs while driving

City – 8
-Joe causes two pursuing cars to crash down a long flight of stairs into the town square (most likely killing 1 thug in each)
-Jim shoots a pursuing car repeatedly, causing it to crash killing 1 more thug in it
-Jim shoots 3 thugs
-Joe crashes his car into a pursuing boat containing 2 thugs blowing it up and killing both of them

Tour- 1
-The French art dealer is garroted by the Father’s thugs

Vault – 7
-Jim breaks 1 guard’s neck
-Thieves shoots 2 guards
-Joe headbutts an explosive device into 1 thief, blowing him up
-Joe detonates another explosive device that was kicked towards 1 of the thieves by Jim, blowing him across the room (shared kill)
-Joe hurls a wad of explosive clay at 1 thief, which sticks into his forehead and blowing him up as well
-1 thief accidentally blows up himself by stepping on the detonator left there by Joe earlier

Father’s Mansion – 23
-Jim booby traps a microwave oven, its subsequent explosion blows up 3 thugs
-Jim shoots 2 thugs
-Joe shoots 1 thug
-Joe shoots 2 thugs while sliding on his wheelchair
-Jim shoots 1 thug
-Jim, while jumping upwards and hanging on the ceiling, shoots 1 thug in his anus (!!!)
-Joe shoots 2 thugs
-Jim shoots 4 thugs
-Joe vomits an entire bottle of paint thinner (which he mistakenly consumes) on the magician, incinerating him
-Jim shoots 1 more thug
-Jim drops 1 thug off a tall balcony
-Jim pulls 1 thug before him, using him as a bullet shield (shared)
-Thugs accidentally shoots 1 of their own
-2 thugs accidentally electrocutes themselves while trying to retrieve the portrait


-Joe hurls a bunsen burner full of propane gas into a crowd of thugs, which blows up upon being shot at and knocks them all out but none of them died.