On Deadly Ground (1994): Body Count Breakdown

On Deadly Ground (1994) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(Previously done by luvmetender009)


Forrest Taft (Steven Seagal): 40
MacGruder (John C. McGinley): 1
Otto (Sven-Ole Thorsen): 1


Cabin: 1
-Hugh gets his fingers smashed, and is then drilled to death by Otto

Villiage: 1
-Mac shoots Silook

“Looks like my friends are here to play”: 3
-Forrest shoots 2 mercenaries
-Forrest beats Otto to death with an ox bone

“In case you declared war on some small country?”: 2
-Forrest blows up Aegis-1 helicopter, killing the pilot and gunner

Woods: 2
-Forrest’s claymore trap blows up 1 mercenary
-Forrest’s booby trap causes a tree branch to hit 1 mercenary and he falls and is impaled on some sticks

Aegis Oil Co. Rig: 34
-Forrest shoots 1 mercenary in the head using a coke bottle
-Forrest strangles 1 mercenary
-Forrest punches 1 mercenary through the abdomen, killing him
-Forrest shoots 7 mercenaries
-Forrest shoves Mac into helicopter blades, shredding him to pieces
-Liles accidentally crashes her car into a gas tank and blows up
-Forrest burns 6 mercenaries
-Forrest blows up Carlton and another mercenary
-Forrest shoots Stone with his own shotgun
-Forrest kicks 1 mercenary and breaks his neck
-Forrest stabs 1 mercenary through the eye with a pipe
-Forrest knocks out 2 mercenares with a pipe; they are killed when the oil rig explodes
-Forrest stabs 1 mercenary through the face with his own knife
-Forrest knocks out 7 more mercenaries; they are also killed when the rig blows up
-Forrest shoots cable attatched to Jennings’ leg, dropping him into a pool of oil


A fireman is seen being carried out on a stretcher during the fire at the start of the film, but its hard to tell if he’s dead or merely unconscious.