The Terminator (1984): Body Count Breakdown

The Terminator (1984) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Rorschach)


The Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger): 29
Future Terminator (Franco Colombu): 12
Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton): 1


Opening: 1
Hunter-Killer shoots 1 resistance fighter

“Fuck you, asshole!”: 1
Terminator rips 1 punk’s heart out

“Wrong!”: 1
Terminator shoots the gun store owner

Killing Spree: 1
Terminator shoots the wrong Sarah Connor

Future War: 2
Hunter-Killer blows up 1 resistance fighter
Reese’s gunner is killed in car crash

Thoroughness: 1
Another wrong Sarah Connor shown dead in photo, killed by the Terminator

Apartment: 2
Terminator kills Matt and then throws him through a wall
Terminator shoots Ginger

Tech Noir: 3
Terminator shoots 3 patrons

Chase: 1
Terminator bashes 1 cop’s head against his car, killing him

“I’ll be back”: 17
Terminator runs down Sergeant Wright with a car
Terminator shoots 3 cops
Terminator shoots Captain Chapnick
Terminator shoots Warden Bryan
Terminator shoots 7 more cops (5 seen, 2 heard in the background)
1 dead cop shown lying on the floor, a victim of the Terminator’s
Terminator shoots 1 more cop
Terminator shoots Traxler
Terminator shoots Vukovich

Resistance Base: 12
Future Terminator shoots 12 resistance fighters

Face/Off: 1
Terminator kills a truck driver

“You’re terminated, fucker!”: 2
Reese dies from gunshot wounds inflicted by the Terminator
Sarah crushes the Terminator with heavy machinery