The Spy Who Loved Me (1977): Body Count Breakdown

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(Previously done by Kooshmeister)


James Bond (Roger Moore): 31
Commander Carter (Shane Rimmer): 13
Karl Stromberg (Curd Jurgens): 4
Anya Amasova (Barbara Bach): 2
Jaws (Richard Kiel): 2
Sandor (Milton Reid): 1


Opening Ski Chase: 1
-Bond shoots Sergei Barsov with a gun disguised as a ski pole

Introducing Stromberg: 4
-Stromberg drops his secretary into shark aquarium where she’s eaten
-Stromberg blows up helicopter carrying Dr. Bechmann, Professor Markovitz and their pilot

“What a helpful chap!”: 2
-Sandor accidentally shoots Felicca while trying to kill Bond
-Bond drops Sandor off the roof

Pyramids: 1
-Jaws rips out Fekkesh’s throat

Disconnected: 1
-Jaws rips out Max Kalba’s throat

“You ever get the feeling somebody doesn’t like you?”: 9
-1 hitman on a motorcycle accidentally crashes off a cliff
-Bond sprays foam all over a car carrying 3 hitmen, causing them to fly off a cliff and blow up
-Bond blows up Naomi in her helicopter with a missile
-Bond blows up 1 diver with a missile underwater
-Bond rams 1 diver with the Lotus
-Anya blows up a minisub containing 2 divers using an explosive mine

Battle Aboard the Liparus: 73
-Bond shoots 2 Liparus crewmen with a speargun
-Bond shoots 2 more Liparus crewmen in cell
-Wayne, Ranger, and Russian crewmen shoot 16 Liaprus crewmen
-Wayne and Russian crewmen blow up 5 Liparus crewmen with grenades
-Liparus crewmen shoot 14 Wayne, Ranger, and Russian crewmen
-Liparus crewmen blow up 2 Wayne crewmen with grenades
-1 Liparus crewmen shown floundering in fiery water
-1 Wayne crewman accidentally falls off the stairs into the fiery waters
-1 Liparus crewman is shown falling to his death
-8 Liparus crewmen are blown up by explosions
-4 dead Wayne, Ranger, and Russian crewmen shown lying around
-14 dead Liparus crewmen shown as well
-Bond shoots 1 Liparus crewman
-Bond blows up 1 Liparus crewman riding on a jeep with a grenade
-Captain Talbot is blown up by a Liparus crewman’s grenade

Storming the Control Room: 41
-17 dead Liparus crew shown on stairs and catwalk
-1 Liparus crewman is shot by unidentified crewmen
-The young Ranger officer, 3 Wayne crewmen, and 1 Russian crewman are shot by the control room guns
-1 Wayne crewman is burned by the control room defenses and he falls into the water
-Bond’s bomb blows up the control room, killing 15 Liparus crewmen and the captain in the blast
-1 tech is blown up by a Russian crewman’s grenade

Destroying the Submarines: 13
-Commander Carter tricks the Stromberg One and Stromberg Two submarines into destroying each other with their nuclear missiles, killing 13 (seen) crew total (7 on the first sub, 6 on the second)

Escaping the Liparus: 2
-2 unidentified crewmen seen struggling in the firey water

Bond’s Turn: 1
-Bond shoots Stromberg


-While it looks as if Bond uses Felicca as a shield, he actually just catches her as Sandor accidentally hits her. It’s unknown if this was due to Felicca moving around or because Sandor was such a poor shot.
-There were undoubtedly more crew on the subs than just 13, but only 7 are shown on the first sub and only 6 on the second.