The Scorpion King (2002): Body Count Breakdown

The Scorpion King (2002) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Arpid (Grant Heslov): 46
Mathayus (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson)”: 43
Memnon (Steven Brand): 10
Balthazar (Michael Clarke Duncan): 10
Queen Isis (Sherri Howard): 3
Thorak (Rolf Moller): 2
Cassandra (Kelly Hu): 1
Third Akkadian (Esteban Cueto): 1
Prince Takmet (Peter Facnelli): 1


Opening/Viking Hunt: 10
-Mathayus kills 1 Viking with a throwing star
-Mathayus shoots 6 Vikings with a multi-bow
-A Viking accidentally throws an ax into 1 of his friends
-Mathayus kills Barbarian Chieftain
-Mathayus hangs 1 Viking who he knocked out earlier

Memnon’s Story: 23
-Memnon slaughters 8 soldiers
-Red Guards arrow 15 Akkadians (about 300 are seen in a crowd before they get arrowe but only 15 are heard getting hit and dying)

Caravan Attack: 6
-Mathayus kills 1 guard with a hook-blade
-Third Akkadian kills 1 guard with a hook-blade
-Mathayus kills 1 guard while hanging from a zip-line
-Mathayus stabs 1 guard
-Mathayus kills Arpid’s Torturer
-Memon’s Guards shoot Unnamed Akkadian with arrows

“You’ve Been Betrayed, Mathayus”: 10
-Mathayus kills 1 guard next to Cassandra
-Mathayus slaughters 6 guards with his giant sword
-A guard accidentally stabs 1 of his friends
-Mathayus kicks 1 guard to the floor and finishes him with his sword
-King Pheron’s severed head is seen, possibly killed by Prince Takmet off-screen
-Memnon slits Jesup’s throat with Mathayus’ knife

Arpid’s Escape: 2
-Arpid hits 1 guard over the head with a giant club, cracking his skull open and killing him
-Arpid hits 1 guard through a dirt hill and he is killed when the fire ants attack him

Memon’s Quarters: 2
-Mathayus kills 1 guard with his own sword
-Red Guards shoot 1 guard Mathayus was trying to use as a human shield with arrows

“Go Get Him!”: 2
-Thorak pushes 2 Red Guards off a tall balcony to their deaths

Sand Storm Battle: 2
-Mathayus kills 2 Red Guards

Caves: 8
-Mathayus pulls 1 Red Guard down a hole to his death
-Mathayus pulls 2 Red Guards into a sand wall and kill them off-screen
-Mathayus hangs 1 Red Guard
-Mathayus decapitates 1 Red Guard
-Mathayus decapitates 2 Red Guards in a row
-Mathayus throws 1 Red Guard onto a sharp rock, impaling him

Thorak vs Mathayus: 2
-Mathayus kills Throak
-Mathayus kills the last Red Guard

“He’s Coming For Us”/Vision: 12
-Memnon’s Archers shoot Philios, Arpid, Queen Isis and 9 villagers with arrows

“I Make My Own Destiny”/2nd Vision: 1
-Red Guards shoot Mathayus in the back with an arrow

Coming In: 4
-Mathayus throws 1 guard off the tower wall to his death
-Mathayus smashes 1 guard’s head into a wall head-first, cracking his skull and killing him (the crunching noise is heard)
-Mathayus kills 2 guards with throwing knives

Being Weak: 1
-Memnon stabs the Red Guard Commander in the stomach

“Seal The Gates!”: 3
-Queen Isis kills 2 guards
-Warrior Women kill 1 guard

“Who Dies First?”: 8
-Balthazar slaughters 6 Red Guards with a sword
-Warrior Women kill 1 Red Guard
-Queen Isis spears 1 Red Guard

“Looks Like I’ll Be Keeping My Head, Akkadian”: 6
-Balthazar kills 2 Red Guards
-Mathayus kills 2 Red Guards
-Mathayus smashes 2 Red Guards in the face with a fire holder, breaking their necks (crunching sounds are heard when they are smashed)
-Balthazar kills 1 more Red Guard

“So Much For Not Being Killed”/”Catch This!”: 47

-Balthazar slices Prince Takmet’s head off with a spear
-Cassandra stabs 1 Red Guard with his own sword
-Warrior Women kill 1 Red Guard
-Arpid ignites the explosive Chinese Powder, blowing up and incinerating a whopping 43 Red Guards in the blast
-Mathayus shoots Memnon in the chest with an arrow, causing him to fall into the explosion caused by Arpid’s Chinese Powder, incinerating him (shared)


-Over 400 Akkadians are seen when the Red Guards shoot the arrows but only 15 are heard dying
-Mathayus knocks out at least 3-4 people throughout the film but doesn’t kill them
-Balthazar slashes 4 Red Guards with a sword but they all got back up
-Balthazar sword-flips 2 Red Guards off a small balcony but since it is not that high, they probably survived

[THE FINAL TALLY= 149] (136 real, 13 imagined)