The Running Man (1987): Body Count Breakdown

The Running Man (1987): Body Count by luvmetender009


Ben Richards (Arnold Schwarzenegger) – 14
William Laughlin (Yaphet Kotto) – 4
Fireball (Jim Brown) – 3
Chico (Thomas Rosales Jr.) – 3
Captain Freedom (Jesse Ventura) – 2
Amber Mendez (Maria Conchita Alonso) – 2
Dynamo (Erland Van Lidth) – 1
Buzzsaw (Gus Rethwisch) – 1
Mic (Mick Fleetwood) – 1


Prison Break – 21
-1 dead prisoner seen on a wheelbarrow
-Prison guards kills 5 prisoners
-Ben drops a guard off a catwalk
-Chico shoots a guard
-Ben shoots 3 guards
-Laughlin snaps a guard’s neck
-3 corpses of prisoners seen on a stack of crates
-Chico shoots 2 guards
-Laughlin shoots 3 guards
-Chico’s collar blows up, decapitating him

News Footage – 2
-2 faked deaths seen

The Running Man – Round 1 a.k.a. “Subzero-Now, plain zero!!!” – 1
-Ben strangles Subzero with a length of barbed wire

The Running Man – Round 2 a.k.a. “He had to split!” – 3
-Ben slices Buzzsaw through the groin with his own weapon
-Dynamo electrocutes Weiss
-Laughlin bleeds out succumbing to wounds caused by Buzzsaw

The Running Man – Round 3 a.k.a. “How about a light?” – 4
-Amber discovers 3 incinerated corpses in a locker room, heavily implied to be Fireball’s previous victims (judging by the pleased looks on Fireballs’ face later)
-Ben drops a flare near Fireball’s crotch, blowing him up

The Running Man – Round 4 a.k.a. Ben and Amber’s “deaths” – 2
-Captain Freedom breaks Amber’s neck
-Captain Freedom impales Ben on a wall of spikes

Studio Shootout – 11
-Ben shoots 6 studio guards
-Amber shoots 1 studio guard
-Amber accidentally shoots sprinklers above Dynamo, spraying water on him and subsequently electrocuting him
-Studio guard shoots a woman
-A man’s corpse seen in background
-Mic and a rebel shares 1 kill by shooting a guard

“That hits the spot!!!” – 1
-Ben drops Killian down a rollercoaster, which smashes into a bilboard and blows him up

NOTE: The “faked” deaths, for instance during The Running Man Round 4, are counted since it looked real, with blood and squibs and actors participating portraying them out.