The Rookie (1990) Bodycount Breakdown

The Rookie (1990) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Nick Pulovski (Clint Eastwood): 5
David Ackerman (Charlie Sheen): 2
Strom (Raul Julia): 2
Leisl (Sonia Braga): 2
Sarah (Lara Flynn Boyle): 1
Loco (Marco Rodriguez): 1


“Surprise!”: 2
-Strom shotguns Powell
-Nick shoots 1 thug

Highway Chase: 1
-Nick shoots a thug in the back of the truck

Flashback: 1
-Troy Ackerman falls off a rooftop to his death

Laundromat: 1
-Little Felix is seen dead, killed by Loco off-screen

House Fight: 1
-Sarah shoots Loco

Shaft Fight: 1
-Nick tackles Max down the shaft to his death

“Goodbye”: 1
-Strom shoots Cruz

Airport: 2
-Nick shoots 1 thug
-David and Nick shoot Blackwell, leaving him wounded and he is killed when another plane crashes into him (both of their kill since he couldn’t leave the plane)

“Amateur”: 3
-Liesl shoots 2 cops
-David headshots Leisl

Payback: 1
-Nick shoots Strom


-David beats up several bikers in the bar fight but didn’t kill anyone
-It is unknown if the bartender died when David set the bar on fire but since it wasn’t that big of a fire, he probably survived
-Strom shoots a security guard while being chased by Nick but the guard was shown alive at the end of the scene
-Lt. Garica was severely beaten by Loco at his house but he is shown alive at the end of the movie