The Replacement Killers (1998): Body Count Breakdown

The Replacement Killers (1998): Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09

(previously re-done by luvmetender009)


John Lee (Chow Yun Fat): 29
Stan Zedkov (Michael Rooker): 3
Kogan (Jurgen Prochnow): 3
Collins (Danny Trejo): 2
Meg Coburn (Mira Sorvino): 1
Ryker (Til Schwieger): 1


Nightclub: 5
-John shoots 5 Triads in a row

Docks: 2
-Stan shoots 1 triad
-Stan shoots Wei’s son

Meg’s Offices: 4
-John shoots 3 hitmen
-John chokes 1 hitman to death with his own tie

Workshop: 6
-Eddie is shown dead, killed by Kogan off-screen
-Thugs accidentally kills 1 of their own held by John as human shield
-John shoots 4 hitman

Chase: 3
-John shoots 2 hitmen
-Zedkov shoots 1 hitman

Car Park: 3
-Ryker shoots an innocent woman
-Collins shoots 2 cops

Temple: 1
-Lam is seen with his throat slit, courtesy of Kogan

Cartoon Festival – 1
-John shoots Ryker

Last Hit: 14
-John shoots 11 Triads
-Meg shoots Kogan
-John shoots Collins in the back of the head
-John shoots Wei