The Myth (2005): Body Count Breakdown

The Myth (2005): Body Count by luvmetender009


General Meng Yi / Dr Jack Chan (Jackie Chan) – 55
Rebel General Meng Jie (Ken Wong) – 1


Stealing the Princess – 7
-4 Korean envoys killed by Mongol Archers
-1 envoy visibly seen incinerated
-Mongol General kills the charioteer while hijacking the princess’ chariot
-General Meng kills the Mongol General

Flashback – 4
-General Meng kills 4 Mongols in the cave

War – 114
-12 soldiers killed by archers
-14 soldiers died in battle
-8 soldiers killed by a chariot which runs over them
-2 soldiers on the chariot crushed as chariot overturns
-13 corpses of dead soldiers seen
-General Meng kills 4 soldiers
-5 of General Meng’s lieutenants shot by archers
-8 more corpses seen throughout this scene
-Rebel General Meng Jie kills 1 of General Meng’s men
-General Meng kills Rebel General Meng Jie
-General Meng kills 4 rebel commanders with a spray of rocks
-General Meng kills 41 soldiers before succumbing, where the enemy general then decapitates him

Floating Caves of Immortality – Present Day – 2

-William drowns as caves floods
-The rival businessman in white is killed when caves collapses