The Accidental Spy (2001): Body Count Breakdown

The Accidental Spy (2001): Body Count by luvmetender009


Buck Yuen (Jackie Chan) – 2
Lee Sang-Zen (Wu Hsing Kuo) – 1


Fields of Death – 9
-Terrorists kills 9 people

Hospital – 3
-Corpses of 2 attendants killed offscreen by Zen’s thugs seen
-Park Won Jung succumbs to cancer

Of Sinners and Murderers – 7
-Yuen causes a terrorist to shoot another
-1 terrorist’s corpse seen, killed by Zen’s thugs
-Terrorists accidentally killed 1 of their own
-4 offscreen deaths (shouts in agony indicates victims shot)

Train Station – 1
-Yong dies after consuming poisoned pills, spiked by Zen

Hazari Airport – 1

-Yuen crashes a motorcycle into Zen’s private jet, causing it to crash and killing its pilot


-2049 lives are claimed by pneumonia, as mentioned in a dialogue.
-Yuen beats up a crapload of thugs but none of the beatings seemed to be fatal.
-Yuen traps several of Zen’s thugs in a warehouse filled with fireworks, but they aren’t seen being incinerated.
-Zen is set on fire but didn’t die.