Terminator Salvation [The Director’s Cut] (2009): Body Count Breakdown

Terminator Salvation [The Director’s Cut] (2009): Body Count by Rorschach94


Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington): 1


Excecution: 1
-Marcus Wright excecuted by the state of California

Opening Raid: 22
-2 planes crash, killing their pilots
-4 corpses shown
-6 members of Connor’s team and at least 10 human prisoners killed in atomic blast

Reborn: 3
-3 more resistance fighter corpses seen

Gas Station: 5
-1 car blown up, killing the person shown inside earlier
-Another truck blown up, killing at least 3 people shown inside
-1 jet blown up by Hunter-Killer, killing the pilot

Prison Camp: 1

-1 Prisoner shot by T-600

Escape: 2
-Gunman and Copilot of helicopter killed by Hydro-Terminators

Suprise Attack: 14
-General Ashdown, General Pachenko and 12 other crewmen blown up in submarine by Hunter-Killer

Skynet Central: 1

-Marcus kills the T-800

Sacrifice: 1

-Marcus Wright sacrifices his heart in order to save John’s life


Several Terminators and Hunter-Killers are killed throughout the movie, but the only one I counted as a kill was the T-800 due to it being portrayed by an actor and it’s organic flesh.