Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991): Body Count Breakdown

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by luvmetender)


T-1000 (Robert Patrick/Jenette Goldstein/Dan Stanton): 7 (5 by Patrick, 1 by Goldstein, 1 by Stanton)
Terminator/T-101 (Arnold Schwarzenegger): 6 (1 in T2, 5 in T1 Photos)
Miles Dyson (Joe Morton): 6
Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton): 1


Opening/Future War: 5
-Hunter-Killer shoots 1 resistance fighter
-Gunship shoots 1 fighter
-1 more fighter shot by the machines
-Gunship blows up a jeep, killing the driver and gunner onboard

Arrival: 1
-T-1000 kills a cop

Mall: 1
-T-1000 shoots an employee

House: 2

-T-1000 kills Janelle offscreen and takes her form
-T-1000 (disguised as Janelle) impales Todd through the mouth

Interrogation: 5
-5 dead cops seen in photos, killed by the Terminator in T1

Pescadero: 1
-T-1000 (disguised as Lewis) stabs the real Lewis through the eye

“Say, that’s a nice bike”: 1
-T-1000 kills a motorcycle cop offscreen and takes his form

Judgment Day: 28
-22 people (at least) shown in park (including young Sarah and young John) incinerated by nuclear blast
-5 drivers on highway blown up by the nuclear explosion
-Sarah burned by the nuclear flame

Cyberdyne: 6
-Miles detonates the explosives, blowing up the top floor and killing himself and 5 SWAT officers in the explosion

Highway: 1
-T-1000 stabs a truck driver

“Terminated”: 2
-T-101 shoots T-1000 with a grenade launcher, blowing him apart and sending him falling backwards into the molten steel where he melts
-Sarah reluctantly lowers T-101 into the molten steel, terminating him


-The pickup driver hurled out of a truck by the T-1000 during the first car chase segment appears to have survived, he is still moving a little as the screen cuts away.
-Many attendants and employees are knocked out by either Sarah or the T101 in the hospital, but they probably survived.
-The T-1000 orders a helicopter pilot to jump out of his helicopter, which he obliged, but given the distance the helicopter is from solid ground the pilot probably survived the fall (he didn’t land on his head).

[THE FINAL TALLY= 53 (47 in T2, 6 in T1 Photos)]