Taken (2008) Bodycount Breakdown

Taken (2008) Body Count Breakdown (Previously done by BodyCountMan)


Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson): 32


Road: 1
-Peter gets run over by a truck

Brothel: 8
-Bryan breaks 1 thug’s neck
-1 prostitute is accidentally shot by a thug
-Bryan shoots 1 thug
-Bryan crashes two separate trucks, killing 4 thugs in both (driver and gunner each)
-Bryan splashes mud onto Anton’s car windshield, causing him to crash into a bulldozer

Paradise: 11
-Bryan stabs 1 thug
-Bryan stabs Vinz
-Bryan shoots Dardan
-Bryan shoots Nezir
-Bryan shoots 6 thugs
-Amanda found dead from drug overdose

“Focus!”: 1
-Bryan leaves Marko to be electrocuted to death

Party: 5
-Bryan chops the Arab bodyguard’s throat
-Bryan breaks 1 bodyguard’s neck
-Bryan shoots 2 bodyguards
-Bryan shoots Saint-Clair

Chase: 1
-Bryan slams the driver’s head in with a car door

Boat: 7
-Bryan breaks 1 bodyguard’s neck
-Bryan shoots 5 bodyguards
-Bryan stabs Ali to death with his curved knife

“We can negotiate!”: 1
-Bryan shoots Sheik Raman