Sudden Death (1995) Bodycount Breakdown

Sudden Death (1995) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Luvmetender/Kooshmeister)


Darren McCord (Jean-Claude Van Damme): 11
Joshua Foss (Powers Boothe): 5
Wootton (Jophery C. Brown): 4
Scratch (Jack Erdie): 3
Briggs (John Hateley): 3
Carla (Faith Minton): 2
Pratt (Fred Mancuso): 1
Brody (Manny Perry): 1


Opening: 1
The little girl dies in a fire

4 Hours Until Face Off: 2
Briggs and Wootton shoot 2 security guards in the back of a van

20 Minutes Until Face Off: 5
Pratt shoots 1 attendant in the basement
Briggs shoots 1 Secret Service agent in the elevator
Wootton shoots 1 agent in the hallway
Scratch shoots Mrs. Ferrara at the house
Wootton shoots 1 agent in the VIP lounge

The Game Starts: 4
Foss shoots Agent Kayline
Foss shoots Andrew
Foss shoots Mrs. Taylor
1 female attendant shown dead in the restroom, killed by Carla

Kitchen: 3
Carla shoots the elevator guard
Darren kicks Carla into a dishwasher machine, which strangles her to death
Darren sticks a chicken bone in Briggs’ throat

Manager’s Office: 1
Joan found dead in the closet, killed by the terrorists

Parking Lot: 3
3 agents blown up by car bombs detonated by the terrorists

Roof: 2
Scratch blows up police helicopter with an RPG, killing its pilot and dropping the SWAT officer dangling on the chord to his death

On Ice: 5
The heavy vehicle driver shown dead, killed by the terrorists
4 dead agents poured out from inside vehicle, also killed by the terrorists

Second Period: 1
Foss shoots Mayor Taylor

Storeroom: 1

Darren pumps a nail into 1 terrorist’s throat

Boiler Room: 1
Darren lights Hallmark on fire and then smashes his head in

Locker Room: 1
Brody shoots the assistant coach

Sudden Death: 1
Foss shoots Blair

Dome: 2
Darren kicks 1 terrorist alongside the stadium’s roof
Darren drops 1 terrorist into the stadium and he lands on the digital board

Rescue: 2
Darren shoots 1 terrorist
Darren shoots Hickey

Final Standoff: 3
Darren shoots Scratch in the helicopter
Darren shoots the pilot
The helicopter goes out of control thanks to Darren, causing it to crash into the stadium and blow up with Foss inside


-One of the Secret Service agents in the VIP lounge is shot in the leg by Foss and last seen badly hurt, but is not confirmed as dead.
-Lewis and Brody only appear to get knocked out by McCord (albeit badly hurt) in the gym.
-Nobody is seen visibly killed when the remaining bombs goes off near end or during the water rush.