Strike Commando (1987) Bodycount Breakdown

Strike Commando (1987) Bodycount Breakdown by MrThePandaman


Michael Ransom (Reb Brown)- 67
Radek (Christopher Connely)- 17
Jakoda (Alex Vitale)- 14
The Frenchman (Luciano Pigozzi)- 4


Planting the charges- 20
-Michael throws a knife into a guard’s spine
-A commando knocks out a soldier who later dies in the explosion
-A guard shoots a commando
-Radek blows up 17 people

Walking to safety- 1
-A dead paratrooper is found in a tree

To the rendevouz- 25
-Vietcong members shoot 7 people
-The Frenchman kills 4 VC with a grenade
-Michael tosses a grenade onto a boat with 13 VC in it
-Jakoda strangles the Frenchman to death

Get to the chopper!- 23
-Michael strangles 2 Russians
-Michael shoots 21 Russians

The Village- 13
-13 of Jakoda’s victims are seen

“Bring me to Jakota!”- 1
-Michael kills a VC

Escape- 14
-Michael is locked in a prison cell with a corpse
-Michael electrocutes someone
-Michael stabs 2 soldiers
-Michael smothers 2 soldiers
-Michael breaks a soldier’s neck
-Michael shoots 6 soldiers
-An American soldier shoots Olga

The patrol boat- 2
-Michael makes a soldier fall to his death
-Michael stabs a soldier, trapping him until the boat blows up

Back on shore- 1
-Michael shoots a soldier

Hunting Radek- 14
-Michael shoots 12 soldiers
-Michael hits Radek with a grenade launcher
-Michael sticks a grenade in Jakoda’s mouth


Jakota kicks a snake to death.