Street Fighter (1994): Body Count Breakdown

Street Fighter (1994): Body Count by Kooshmeister


Colonel William F. Guile (Jean-Claude Van Damme): 15
Cammy (Kylie Minogue): 4
Carlos Blanka (Robert Mammone): 3
General M. Bison (Raul Julia): 2
Vega (Jay Tavare): 1


A Chance at Bison: 2
-Bison kills 2 A.N. soldiers by breaking their necks

Cage Match: 1
-Vega kills an opponent with his claw-weapon

Dhalsim’s Rebellion: 1
-Blanka escapes and kills 1 Bison trooper

Sneaking In: 1
-Cammy snaps 1 Bison trooper’s neck

Final Battle: 40
-Guile shoots 3 Bison troopers
-Guile kills 1 control room technician with a knife
-Guile blows up 3 Bison troopers with a grenade
-Cammy shoots 3 Bison troopers
-Guile shoots 6 Bison troopers
-Blanka kills at least 1 Bison trooper by tossing him into a control panel that explodes (seen on security camera)
-At least 6 Bison troopers killed by a grenade flung by an A.N. soldier
-Another Bison trooper killed by a grenade
-An A.N. soldier shoots 3 Bison troopers
-3 more Bison troopers blown up by a thrown grenade
-2 Bison troopers shot (seen on video screens in the control room)
-1 unidentified individual shot offscreen (we hear a gunshot and his scream)
-Blanka kills another Bison trooper by tossing him into a control panel that explodes
-1 Bison trooper shot by A.N. soldiers
-Guile kicks Bison into a control panel, electrocuting him; this kills him, as his heart stops, but his suit revives him
-Guile killes Bison again by kicking him through his television screens, resulting in a huge explosion; he is revived again by his suit a second time after the end credits however


Many Bison troopers and a few characters such as Vega are knocked out but never seen escaping the exploding base. But they aren’t conclusively killed onscreen. Similarly, Dr. Dhalsim and the mutated Blanka choose to stay inside the base when it blows up, but it is possible they survived. Meanwhile I counted both of Bison’s deaths since he quite obviously dies both times, as his heart stops, and he only “survives” due to the lift support system built into his suit resurrecting him.