Sin City [Recut, Unrated, Extended] (2005): Body Count Breakdown

Sin City (2005 ) [Extended, Uncut and Unrated] Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09

(Previously done by Dr. Judas)


Marv (Mickey Rourke): 14
Miho (Devon Aoki): 12
Det. John Hartigan (Bruce Willis): 8
Dwight McCarthy (Clive Owen): 6
Kevin (Elijah Wood): 6
Gail (Rosario Dawson): 6
Cardinal Roark (Rutger Hauer): 5
Cop #2 (Rico Torres): 2
The Salesman (Josh Hartnett): 1


The Customer’s Always Right: 1
-The Salesman shoots The Customer

Docks: 2
-Hartigan shoots Benny
-Hartigan shoots Lenny

Hotel: 1
-Kevin kills Goldie

“I Love Hitmen”: 1
-Marv shoves the first hitman’s head into a brick wall

“Nice Coat”: 1

-Marv shoots the second hitman

Interrogation: 1
-Marv kills Connelly

“Is That Slut Worth Dying For?”: 1
-Marv shoots The Padre (Frank Miller) in the head

“He Made Me Watch!”: 5
-5 hooker’s severed heads are seen on the wall, killed by Cardinal Roark and Kevin off-screen

Farm: 9
-Cop #2 shoots Lucille
-Marv cuts down 4 cops with a hatchet
-Marv slams the hatchet into a cop’s head
-Cop #2 shoots 1 one of his own
-Marv kills Cop #2 off-screen
-Marv decapitates Kevin with a hacksaw

Mansion: 2
-Marv breaks a cop’s neck
-Marv pushes a cop off the roof to his death

Payback: 1
-Marv crushes Cardinal Roark’s head with his bare hands

“Is That The Best You Can Do, You Pansies?”: 1
-Marv is executed by the electric chair

Alley: 3
-Miho stabs 2 of Jackie Boy’s friends in the eye with dual katanas
-Miho decapitates 1 of Jackie Boy’s friends

“Finish Him”: 1
-Miho kills Jackie Boy

Tar Pit: 8
-Dwight shoots 1 Irish Mercenary
-Dwight shoots the Female Irish Mercenary through Jackie Boy’s head
-Dwight shoots 2 more Irish Mercenaries
-Miho kills 2 Irish Mercenaries with arrows
-Mercenaries shoot Dallas
-Miho kills the last Irish Mercenary with a shuriken

Sewers: 1
-Miho kills Brian

“Aww, Shit”: 1
Miho shoots Stuka in the back with an arrow

The Big Fat Kill: 11
-Dwight blows up 1 mercenary with a bomb hidden in Jackie Boy’s head
-Miho kills Manute
-Miho kills 2 other mercenaries
-Dwight guns down 2 mercenaries
-Gail guns down 6 mercenaries
-Old Town Girls gun down 1 mercenary

Farm Redux: 4
-Hartigan slits a cop’s throat
-Hartigan stabs a cop
-Hartigan headshots 2 cops at the same time with dual pistols

Barn: 1
-Hartigan beats The Yellow Bastard to death with his bare hands

Fair Trade: 1
-Hartigan shoots himself in the head


-At the hotel, Marv clotheslines 1 cop and knocks 2 of them into the air after bursting through the door but it is unknown if they were killed or merely knocked out
-Shlubb and Klump are knocked out with a pipe by Hartigan
-Claire, Lucille’s girlfriend is implied to have been killed by Kevin but her death is not shown onscreen
-The Irish Mercenary Dwight tortured is never confirmed as dead
-Becky is heavily implied to have been killed by The Salesman but her death is not shown