Showdown In Little Tokyo (1991): Body Count Breakdown

Showdown In Little Tokyo (1991): Body Count by BodyCountMan


Sgt. Chris Kenner-(Dolph Lundgren) 34
Johnny Murata-(Brandon Lee) 12
Funekei Yoshida-(Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) 4
Sato-(Toshiro Obata) 3
Tanaka-(Philip Tan) 1


Opening Shootout: 6
-one of Sato’s men shoots a guy
Sato-shoots 2 men
Kenner-shoots a guy
Tanaka-shoots a man
Sato-shoots another man

Police Station: 1
-a guy breaks his own neck

Pancake: 1
-Tanaka gets crushed in a car crusher

Angel’s Death: 1
Yoshida-chops off Angel’s head

Flashback: 2
Yoshida-kills Kenner’s mother and father with a sword

The Rescue: 12
Kenner-breaks 2 guys necks
Kenner-shoots 7 men
Kenner-blows up 3 men

Is That All?: 1
Yoshida-stabs one of his own men

Can’t Get It Up: 4
Kenner-Drowns a guy
Johnny-shoots 3 guys

The Attack: 7
Kenner-kills 4 guys with his throwing weapons
Johnny-shoots 3 guys with a shotgun

Shocker: 1
Kenner-shocks a man to death

Revenge: 21
Kenner-shoots 15 men
Johnny-shoots 5 men
Johnny-blows up Sato

The Final Showdown: 1
Kenner-stabs Yoshida, impaling him on a big wheel and he blows up