Shoot ‘Em Up (2007): Body Count Breakdown

Shoot ‘Em Up (2007) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Gregg)


Smith (Clive Owen): 96
Lone Man (Greg Bryk): 6
Hertz (Paul Giamatti): 3


“Fuckin’ hell”: 13
-Smith stabs 1 mercenary through the mouth with a carrot
-Smith shoots 10 mercenaries
-Hertz shoots 1 mercenary who was ruining his aim
-The woman shown with a bullet in the head, courtesy of Hertz

“Fuck me sideways”: 1
-Hertz snipes an innocent woman

Brothel: 4
-4 mercenaries shown with their throats cut by Smith

Homebase: 29
-Smith guns down 29 mercenaries

Night Club: 7
-3 Secret Service agents shown dead, killed by the Lone Man
-3 hatchery women shown dead, also killed by the Lone Man
-Smith stabs 1 agent through the eye with a carrot

Apartment: 7
-Smith shoots 7 commandos

Hammerson Manufacturing: 21
-Smith shoots 3 security guards
-Smith uses his tripwire guns to shoot 15 security guards
-Smith shoots 3 more security guards

Car Chase: 8
-Smith shoots 2 mercenaries riding on the van
-Smith shoots 6 mercenaries inside the van

Regaining Honor: 1
-Smith shoots Rutledge

Freefall: 18
-Smith shoots 6 agents while skydiving
-Smith causes 1 agent to fly into a parachute and fall to the ground
-Smith throws 1 agent to the ground
-Smith kicks the Lone Man into a helicopter’s blades, cutting him to pieces
-9 additional agents shown dead on the ground

“That part of it you got right”: 5
-Smith slices 1 mercenary with a scalpel
-Smith impales Hertz’s driver through the face
-Smith stabs another mercenary
-Smith shoots Hammerson with his own gun
-Smith shoots Hertz


-It’s not known why 9 other agents are shown on the ground, as Smith is only shown killing 9 of them. It’s probable that their parachutes failed to open.
-Smith shoots 3 robbers in the diner but he doesn’t seem to kill any of them.