San lau sing woo dip gim [Butterfly and Sword] (1993) Bodycount Breakdown

San lau sing woo dip gim [Butterfly and Sword] (1993) Body Count by luvmetender009


– Big Sister Ko (Michelle Yeoh) – 86 kills
– Meng Sing-Wan (Tony Leung Chiu-Wai) – 27 kills
– Yip Cheung (Donnie Yen) – 14 kills
– Lord Suen Yuk Pa (Elvis Tsui) – 3 kills
– Luk (Choi Hin-Cheung) – 4 kills


Eunuch Li’s Mansion – 1
-An assassin cleaves off Eunuch Li’s face (heavily implied to be Yip Cheung)

Roadside Ambush/Meng Sing-Wan’s Intro – 26
-Sing-Wan dices his way through 14 guards
-Sing-Wan cuts down 12 more guards

“I thought you wanted him alive?” – 1
-Sister Ko rips off Officer Liu’s head with her silk sash

Master Suen’s Compound – 8
-Yip Cheung decapitates 2 guards
-Yip Cheung kills another guard by slashing him several times in the face and torso
-Luk deflects flung spinning blades back at 3 assasins, killing them
-Master Suen rips 2 assasins into pieces

Meng Sing Wan’s “death” – 1 (faked)
-Sister Ko stuns Sing Wan as Yip Cheung finish him off with a downwards slash

Bamboo Forest – 13
-Sister Ko slices 2 elites into half
-Yip Cheung impales an elite through a bamboo tree
-Yip Cheung lashes out several times at an elite’s chest, knocking him out (it is confirmed that nobody survives in the aftermath)
-Yip Cheung stomps 1 elite through the ground
-Sister Ko deflects two bamboo plants backwards, impaling them through 2 elites
-Yip Cheung stabs 1 elite, sticks him into a bamboo stalk then tangles him
-Yip Cheung slices a bamboo spear flung at him into half, then sends them back through the midsection of the elite that flung it at him
-Sister Ko splits a bamboo tree into half and both halves impales through 2 more elites
-Sister Ko arrows 2 elites

Ho Ching’s Revelation – 1
-Luk kills Ho Ching

“We’re going to kill all those bastards!!!” – 78
-Sister Ko activates an arrow trap from inside the carriage, filling the entire room with arrows and killing 75 thugs in one fell swoop
-Master Suen deflects a dart and accidentally stabs it into Suen Kim’s forehead
-Sing Wan cleaves a tunnel through Master Suen’s invincible armour and his midsection
-Yip Cheung inflicts several hits on Luk’s internal arteries, causing his entire body to implode

Reunion – 1
-Yip Cheung slices what remains of Eunuch Tsao into shreds of torn flesh, finishing him off

Cliff/Ending/Dream of Butterfly Lovers – 2
-Sister Ko and Yip Cheung threw themselves off a tall cliff*


-Meng Sing Wan kills a deer and at least half a dozen fishes.
-It was mentioned that Eunuch Tsao kills another Eunuch prior to the events of the movie.

*This scene was ommited in some versions.