S.W.A.T. (2003) Body Count Breakdown

S.W.A.T. (2003) Body Count Breakdown by ArnoldVoslooT800


Brian Gamble (Jeremy Renner): 6
Sgt. Dan ‘Hondo’ Harrelson (Samuel L. Jackson): 3
Jim Street (Colin Farrell): 3
GQ (Domenick Lombardozzi): 2
Deacon ‘Deke’ Kay (LL Cool J): 1
Alex Montel (Oliver Martinez): 1
T.J. McCabe (Josh Charles): 1


Hostage Scenario-Opening: 7
-Gunmen kill 2 cops outside the bank
-An Officer snipes one of the two outside robbers
-Police kill the remaining outside gunner
-Gamble shoots a gunman inside the bank
-Street kills the main bank robber
-1 dead bank security guard’s body seen

Restaurant: 1
-Alex cuts his Uncle’s throat

Failed Escape: 4
-GQ, Alex’s henchmen (disquised as an officer), kills the driver and guard in the prison transport bus
-Hondo kills another disquised convict
-Hondo and Street kill GQ

“Traitor!”: 3
-Gamble shoots down a helicopter causing it to crash and explode, killing 2 pilots inside as well as a taxi driver in his cab below

Detour/Convoy Distraction: 4
-Thug shoots an officer and a car with one driver (it cuts away but I’m counting it since he fired directly through the windshield)
-Officers kill 2 thugs

Jet Getaway-Trainyard fight: 5
-Gamble blows up two cars killing 2 members of his own corrupt gang (their bodies aren’t shown but they are not seen moving away from the explosion so I counted it)
-Deke shoots Travis who is then finished off by Hondo (shared kill)
-McCabe takes his own life (off-screen)
-Street kicks Gamble under a passing train


-Gamble wounds a female hostage and while he succeeds in killing the gunmen in the opening bank robbery, she is still alive and well.
-In the convoy ambush, various trucks driven by the thugs crash into the cop cars but it’s never clear whether or not it was a fatal wreck; they look like they got knocked out overall.
-Also, the cars blown up by rockets in the aforementioned scene appear to be abandoned by the time they explode so they are not counted.
-Gamble shoots Boxer but it is claimed in dialogue that he’s live and well.
-Various car crashes occur but they aren’t going at a great enough speed to be fatal so once again it’s nada.
-Last of all, the jet planed crash caused by Hondo scene never makes it clear on whether or not the pilots survived and since I’m not going to waste time guessing, I’m leaving it unconfirmed.