Robowar (1988) Bodycount Breakdown

Robowar (1988) Bodycount Breakdown by MrThePandaman


Omega 1 (Claudio Fragasso)- 22
Marphy Black (Reb Brown)- 13
Larry Gurino (Massimo Vanni)- 8
Sonny Peale (Jim Gaines)- 8
Niel Cory (Romano Puppo)- 7
Alfred Bray (John P. Dulaney)- 6
Nun Quo (Max Laurel)- 6


Island attack: 16
-Omega 1 blows up 16 people with missiles and lasers.

Scanning the jungle: 2
-A corpse is found, killed by Omega 1.
-Another corpse killed by Omega 1 falls from a tree.

The guerillas: 11
-Guerilla soldiers shoot and cut 4 civilians to death.
-The whole team shoots 6 guerillas…alot.
-Marphy and Neil shoot the guerilla leader.

The village: 9
-Marphy shoots 4 soldiers.
-Marphy impales a soldier with a knife.
-Sonny shoots 2 soldiers.
-Larry walks away from a dead body we can assume he killed.
-Larry breaks a soldier’s neck.

Standing guard: 1
-Omega 1 shoots Sonny with a laser.

Chasing Omega 1: 1
-Omega 1 kills Larry.

The fail-safe: 3
-Omega 1 throws Bray on a landmine.
-Omega 1 kills Neil.
-Marphy pushes Omega 1’s self-destruct button and it blows up.