Robocop (1987): Body Count Breakdown

RoboCop (1987) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Dr. Judas)


Alex Murphy/RoboCop (Peter Weller): 22
Clarence Boddicker (Kurtwood Smith): 3
Officer Anne Lewis (Nancy Allen): 1
Ron Miller (Mark Carlton): 1
ED-209 (Voiced by Jon Davison): 1


Opening: 2
-2 dead cops shown during news brodcast

Failed Deomonstration: 1
-ED-209 shoots Kinney

Abandoned Factory: 2
-Murphy shoots Dougy
-Clarence shoots Murphy

Hostage Situation: 2
-1 dead man shown on the floor, killed by Miller
-Murphy/RoboCop punches Miller out of a window to his death

“Bitches, leave!”: 1
-Clarence blows up Morton in his house with a grenade

Drug Lab Shootout: 18

-Murphy/RoboCop guns down 16 thugs
-An injured thug accidentally shoots Sal in his death spasms
-Murphy/RoboCop shoots Minh

Factory Showdown: 4
-Murphy/RoboCop shoots Joe
-Clarence drives over Emil
-Lewis blows up Leon with an assault cannon
-Murphy/RoboCop stabs Clarence in the throat

“Dick, you’re fired!”: 1

-Murphy/RoboCop shoots Jones and he falls out a window of the OCP’s top floor


-Officer Frederickson is mentioned dead.
-Clarence throws Bobby out of the moving truck at the beginning, but he appears to have survived.
-RoboCop shoots a would-be rapist in the groin, but he survives.