Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010) Bodycount Breakdown

Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Alice (Milla Jovovich): 271
Bennett (Kim Coates): 35
Wesker (Shawn Roberts): 13
Luther West (Boris Kodjoe): 7
Chris Redfield (Wentworth Miller): 6
Claire Redfield (Ali Larter): 3
The Executioner (Ray Olubowale): 1


Intro: 1
-A businessman is eaten by a zombie

Outside: 10
-Alice Clones kill Toshi offscreen (his death is very implied and you hear him briefly scream, so I’m counting it)
-Alice Clones kill the second guard (his scream is heard and if you look closely, he is SHOWN getting killed)
-Guards snipe 1 zombie
-7 dead zombies shown

Assualt On Umbrella: 96
-Alice Clone kills Motaka, the lead guard
-Alice Clone throws shirunkens into 4 guards
-Alice Clone cuts down/decapitates 6 guards with a katana
-Alice Clone stabs 2 guards with her swords
-Alice Clone cuts down 1 more guard
-Alice Clone machine guns 3 guards using her human shield’s gun
-Alice Clone finishes the guard she took as a shield
-Alice Clone throws her katana into 1 guard’s head
-Wesker shoots a tech in the head
-Alice’s shockwave takes down 11 guards
-A guard shoots the Alice clone in the back
-Alice’s Clones gun 12 guards off-screen
-2 dead guards are seen on a video monitor (killed by a Alice Clone)
-An Alice Clone mows down 7 guards on video monitor
-Alice Clones mow down 5 more guards
-Alice Clones shoot 4 guards and throw 2 grenades
-The grenade explosion kills 4 guards
-Alice Clones mow down 12 guards and techs while diving down
-Wesker shoots 1 Clone’s cable, causing her to fall to her death
-An Alice Clone mows down 11 guards beside Wesker
-Wesker blows away 1 Clone
-An Alice Clone shoots 4 more guards
-Wesker blows up the facilty, killing at least 9 Alice Clones

Bathroom: 3
-Alice shoots the Maniji Zombie in the mouth
-Alice shoots another zombie
-Zombie Monster grabs Wendell down the drain and kills hims off-screen

Sewers: 7
-Chris shoots 5 zombies
-Alice stabs a zombie in the mouth
-Zombies eat Crystal

Betrayal: 1
-Bennett shoots Angel

Bennett’s “Escape”: 34
-Bennett chops up 34 zombies with the plane’s propeller

Rooftop/Attempted Escape: 169
-Alice shoots 5 zombies
-Luther shoots a zombies
-Alice mows down 7 zombies coming out of a door
-Luther shoots 2 zombies with dual pistols
-Claire shoots 2 zombies
-Chris shoots 1 zombie
-Claire shoots 1 more zombies
-Alice mows down 12 zombies with her MP5’s
-Alice throws the C-4 jacket, blowing up at least 129 zombies
-Alice shoots 9 more zombies

-Alice shoots 4 zombies as she lands
-Alice shoots 9 zombies with dual revolvers
-Alice headshots 2 zombies with a revolver
-Alice shoots through 2 zombies
-Alice shoots 8 more zombies

Executioner Fight: 2
-The Executioner cuts Kim Yong in half with his axe
-Alice blows The Executioner’s head off with her sawn-off

Taking Down Wesker: 1
-Wesker and his dogs kill Bennett off-screen (you hear the screaming)

Ending: 2
-Luther shoots 2 zombies