Replicant (2001): Body Count Breakdown

Replicant (2001): Body Count by luvmetender009


Garrotte “The Torch” (Jean-Claude Van Damme) – 20
Jake Riley (Michael Rooker) – 1


Opening – 2
-Garrotte kills and incinerates a victim
-Garrotte shoots 1 innocent man

Replicant’s First Vision – 1
-Replicant witnesses vision of Garrotte incinerating 1 victim in a bathtub

Police Offices – 6
-6 identifiable photographs of Garrotte’s victims seen on a billboard

Garrotte’s Apartment – 7

-5 more photographs of Garrotte’s victims seen on computer screen
-Garrotte’s bomb blows up 1 FBI agent and 1 (at least) innocent civilian

Bar – 1
-Garrotte kills the bar’s owner

What do you remember? – 1

-Replicant recall another vision of Garrotte strangling then incinerating another victim

Hotel – 1

-Victim of Garrotte seen incinerated in a bathtub

Hospital – 2

-Garrotte kills his own mother
-Jake shoots Garrotte