Reindeer Games (2000): Body Count Breakdown

Reindeer Games (2000): Body Count by ArnoldVoslooT800


Merlin (Clarence Williams III): 6
Rudy Duncan (Ben Affleck): 3
Ashley (Charlize Theron): 3
Gabriel (Gary Sinise): 3
Pug (Donal Logue): 1
Jack Bangs (Dennis Farina): 1


Snow/Ice: 1
Gabriel shoots a civilian in the outdoor wooden restroom

Casino Heist: 13
Merlin shotguns 3 security guards
Pug kills a guard with akimbo pistols
3 Security guards shotgun Pug
Merlin shotguns the 3 security guards (one of the three is shot off-screen but his deathly groan is clearly heard)
Ashley rams two officers with a car (Terminator-style!)
Jack Bangs shoots Jumpy
Rudy sets Merlin on fire with Merlin’s own lighter and by using a realistic-looking pistol that shoots out alcohol
Gabriel shoots Jack

Finale: 3
Ashley shoots Gabriel
Rudy makes his car hit run off a cliff, hitting Ashley and causing it to explode
Rudy makes the truck with Nick roll off the cliff exploding.


One of the main characters supposedly dies at the beginning but it’s later revealed at the end of the movie that his death was faked in an impossible fashion.