Red (2010): Body Count Breakdown

Red (2010): Body Count Breakdown by ArnoldVoslooT800

(Previously done by Gregglop09)


Frank Moses (Bruce Willis): 8
Marvin (John Malkovich): 4
Victoria (Helen Mirren): 3
Cooper (Karl Urban): 2
Joe (Morgan Freeman): 1
Ivan Simanov (Brian Cox): 1


Attempted Hit: 7
-Frank takes out six assassins (their fingers are seen later even though some of them look like just simple knock-outs but then again there was that one big explosion)
-Cooper hangs a client

Airport: 1
-Helicopter guns down Gabriel (James Remar)

Docks: 3
-Frank blows up 1 assassin with a grenade launcher
-Marvin knocks a grenade back at an assassin, blowing him up and shoots an RPG rocket, blowing up the assassin who fired it

Elderly Folk’s Home: 1
-Joe kills the assassin by spinning around in his chair while firing his silenced pistol

Mansion: 1
-Victoria sacrifices Joe by sniping him so that the others can escape

Standoff: 7
-Ivan blows up the limo killing the off-screen driver (the car came to a complete halt and started to slowly wheel away implying that the person inside at least died from concussion)
-Cooper shoots Cynthia in the face
-Marvin snipes 2 bodyguards (he shoots one of them twice just to make sure) :lol:
-Victoria snipes 2 bodyguards
-Frank kills Dunning by punching him in the neck real hard