Raw Deal (1986): Body Count Breakdown

Raw Deal (1986) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by luvmetender)


Mark Kaminiski/Joseph P. Brenner (Arnold Schwarzenegger): 25
Max Keller (Robert Davi): 1
Harry Shannon (Darren McGavin): 1
“Dangerous Man” (Victor Argo): 1


Opening/Cabin Assault: 8
-Patrovita’s sniper shoots 2 FBI agents
-Patrovita’s hitmen shoot Blair and 3 other agents
-Patrovita’s hitmen shoot the agent with Marcellino
-“Dangerous Man” shoots Marcellino

Docks: 1
-Toni is shot by Lamanski’s hitmen

Road Chase: 6

-Max shoots 1 of Lamanski’s bodyguards in the car
-1 hitman shot by a bodyguard
-Mark shoots 1 bodyguard
-Lamanski’s car crashes into a fuel truck, blowing up the car and killing Lamanski, the driver, and 1 remaining bodyguard inside

Ambush: 2
-Mark shoots 1 hitman
-Mark and Harry both shoot Max

Gravel Pit: 9

-Mark shoots 5 thugs
-Mark shoots the bulldozer’s operator
-Mark shoots 2 more thugs
-Mark shoots the truck driver

Penthouse: 13

-Mark shoots 5 thugs
-Mark shoots Vinnie
-Mark shoots 4 more thugs
-Mark shoots Rocca
-Mark shoots Patrovita
-Mark shoots Baxter who tried to sneak up behind him


-Patrovita’s hitmen throw a grenade into the cabin, but it doesn’t show if anyone was killed in the explosion.
-Numerous people in the mall and casino are beaten up and owned by Mark, but they weren’t killed.