Rambo III (1988): Body Count Breakdown

Rambo III (1988) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by luvmetender)


John J. Rambo (Sylvester Stallone): 76
Colonel Zaysen (Marc de Jonge): 36
Col. Samuel Trautman (Richard Crenna): 11
Mousa (Sasson Gabai): 2


Arrest: 7
-Zaysen shoots 5 of Trautman’s escorts with his helicopter’s machine guns
-Zaysen blows up 2 escorts with helicopter missiles

Valley Massacre: 48
-Zaysen mows down 15 Afghans with helicopter machine guns
-Zaysen blows up 10 Afghans (including a woman and child) with helicopter missiles
-The Soviet helicopter blows up 4 Afghans
-Rambo blows up the Soviet helicopter with a heavy MG, killing 3 crew onboard
-16 other dead Afghans shown on ground

Desert Prison: 25
-1 of Trautman’s escorts is electrocuted to death by a Spetsnaz torturer
-1 Afghan prisoner is shot by an executioner
-Rambo hurls a knife into 1 commando’s throat
-Rambo shoots 5 commandos
-Rambo’s bomb blows up 3 commandos
-Rambo shoots 1 more commando
-Rambo blows up 2 commandos on catwalk with a grenade
-Rambo shoots 7 commandos
-Mousa shoots 1 commando and he falls off guard tower
-Rambo shoots 3 more commandos

Sewers: 3

-Rambo shoots 1 Spetsnaz commando
-Rambo’s bomb blows up 2 commandos

Getaway: 4
-1 Afghan horseman is shot by Spetsnaz commandos
-Rambo blows up a truck with an RPG, killing its driver as well as 2 commandos on guard tower

Rescuing Trautman: 3
-Rambo breaks 1 Spetsnaz commando’s neck
-Rambo stabs the Spetsnaz torturer to death
-Trautman breaks Nissem’s neck

Escape: 8
-Trautman mows down 4 Spetsnaz commandos with machine gun on helicopter’s side
-Zaysen shoots 1 Afghan and he falls off the side of the helicopter
-Rambo shoots 2 commandos on guard tower using helicopter’s machine guns
-Rambo blows up the tower with missiles, killing 1 commando in the explosion

Desert/Underground Caverns: 14
-Rambo blows up a Soviet helicopter with an explosive arrow, killing Tomask, the co-pilot, and the gunner onboard
-Rambo shoots 1 Spetsnaz commando with an arrow
-Rambo stabs 1 commando
-Rambo’s grenade trap blows up 1 commando
-Rambo breaks 1 commando’s neck
-1 commando is mistakenly shot by his comrades
-Rambo blows up 1 commando with an explosive arrow
-Trautman shoots 1 commando
-Rambo blows up 3 more commandos with an explosive arrow
-Rambo ties a rope around Kourov’s neck, rips the grenade pin off his jacket, and kicks him into the cave where he breaks his neck and explodes in a bloody mess

“Fuck ’em!!!”: 46
-Rambo blows up a truck containing 4 Spetsnaz commandos
-Rambo blows up underneath a jeep and kills the 2 commandos inside from concussion
-Rambo shoots 2 commandos
-Zaysen’s helicopter gunner mows down 2 Afghans
-Rambo mows down 11 commandos with truck mounted heavy machine gun
-Trautman shoots 3 commandos
-Zaysen blows up 1 Afghan with helicopter missiles
-Rambo shoots 2 commandos on foot
-An Afghan blows blows up underneath a truck, killing the driver from concussion
-Spetsnaz shoots 2 Afghans
-2 Afghans are blown up by a Soviet tank
-Mousa shoots 1 commando
-Zaysen mows down 2 Afghans with helicopter machine guns
-Trautman shoots 1 commando off a tank with a heavy MG
-2 dead Afghans shown
-Rambo shoots 2 commandos on tank
-Rambo blows up a Soviet tank (using his own tank), killing the driver plus 2 commandos onboard
-Trautman shoots Zaysen’s gunner with the heavy MG
-Rambo shoots Zaysen’s co-pilot using the tank machine guns
-Rambo shoots Zaysen and then rams the tank full speed into the helicopter, blowing it and Zaysen up


-A sheikh Rambo met mentions of a massacre in a neighboring valley by Russians which wiped out an entire Afghan tribe.
-There could be more Russians in the huge truck Rambo blew up during the escape scene, but only the driver is a confirmed kill.
-A Russian jeep is blown up by an Afghan’s petrol bomb during the desert battle, but it’s impossible to tell if anyone was in it.