Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985): Body Count Breakdown

Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by luvmetender)


John J. Rambo (Sylvester Stallone): 70
Banks (Andy Wood): 4
Co Bao (Julia Nickson): 3
Tay (George Cheung): 1


Infiltration: 3
-Rambo hurls a knife into 1 Vietcong’s chest
-Rambo shoots 2 Vietcong with arrows

Boat: 11
-Rambo stabs 1 Vietnamese pirate with hidden blades and then uses him as a shield
-Rambo shoots 1 pirate
-Rambo shoots Kinh
-Rambo shoots 3 more pirates
-Co shoots 1 pirate and he falls into the water
-Rambo blows up the river patrol boat with an RPG, killing the 3 Vietnamese sailors onboard
-Rambo stabs the last pirate through the boat roof

Paddy Fields: 5
-Banks shoots 4 Vietcong with helicopter’s side machine gun
-Rambo shoots 1 Vietcong

Escape: 5
-Co shoots 1 Vietcong through the hut floor
-Rambo stabs 1 Vietcong
-Co shoots 1 Vietcong in guard tower
-Rambo shoots 2 Vietcong

River: 5
-Tay shoots Co
-Rambo shoots 4 Vietcong

Woods: 8
-Rambo breaks 1 Soviet’s neck
-Rambo strangles 1 Soviet and then twists his neck
-Rambo shoots 3 Soviets with arrows
-Rambo drags 1 Soviet into a crevice and then finishes him off
-Rambo stabs 1 Soviet
-Rambo shoots 1 more Soviet with an arrow

Village: 11
-Rambo sets fire to the rice field, roasting Captain Vinh and 10 more Vietcong

Waterfall: 1
-Rambo shoots Tay with an explosive arrow and blows him into bloody pieces

Helicopter Fight: 2
-Rambo drops Sergeant Yushin out of the helicopter
-The pilot jumps out of the helicopter to his death

Final Assault: 25
-Rambo blows up 1 Vietcong with helicopter missiles
-Rambo mows down 2 Vietcong with helicopter machine guns
-Rambo blows up 1 Soviet
-Rambo mows down 1 Soviet
-Rambo blows up 4 Soviets and Vietcong
-Rambo mows down 5 Vietcong and Soviets
-Rambo blows up a jeep, killing 1 Soviet in the blast
-Rambow mows down 3 Soviets and Vietcong
-Rambo shoots 7 Vietcong and Soviets on foot

Helicopter Chase: 4
-The POWs shoot 1 Soviet HIND gunner using the helicopter’s side machine gun
-Rambo blows up the Soviet HIND with an RPG, killing Colonel Podovsky, the co-pilot, and the surviving gunner onboard


-A Vietcong is seen lying on the floor of a hut Co exits from; it’s impossible to tell if he’s dead or not.
-Rambo throws 2 grenades during the escape, but they don’t kill anybody.
-Rambo blows up many huts during the assault, but it’s not shown if anyone’s inside any of them.