Rambo (2008): Body Count Breakdown

Rambo (2008) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Gregg)


John J. Rambo (Sylvester Stallone): 92
School Boy (Matthew Marsden): 12
En-Joo (Tim Kang): 7
Myint (Supakorn Kitsuwon): 5
Lewis (Graham McTavish): 4
Diaz (Rey Gallegos): 4
Reese (Jake La Botz): 2
Michael Burnett (Paul Schulze): 1
Major Tint (Maung Maung Khin): 1


Opening News Broadcast: 13
-12 dead bodies shown throughout video
-1 severed head shown

Fields: 7
-1 man is blown up by a landmine
-Burmese soldiers shoot 6 people

Night Raid: 4
-Soldiers shoot 4 villagers

River: 5
-Rambo shoots 5 Burmese pirates

Village: 102
-Soldiers blow up 17 villagers and 1 missionary with artillery
-Soldiers shoot 23 people
-1 child is gutted by a soldier
-Soldiers shoot 1 child
-Soldiers gut 3 villagers
-Soldiers blow up 1 missionary and 4 villagers
-1 child seen gutted on a soldier’s bayonet
-1 woman shot by a soldier
-Soldiers cut off 2 villagers’ arms and legs, surely bleeding them out
-1 villager shot by a soldier
-Soldiers burn 2 villagers with flamethrowers
-1 child is thrown into a burning pit
-Soldiers mow down (at least) 47 more villagers

Flashback: 6
-Rambo shoots Tay with an explosive arrow and blows him into bloody pieces
-Rambo shoots 2 Soviet soldiers
-Rambo hurls a knife into 1 Spetsnaz commando’s throat
-Rambo shoots 2 commandos with helicopter machine guns

“Who are you, boatman?”: 4
-Rambo shoots 4 Burmese soldiers with arrows

Camp: 9
-School Boy stabs 1 soldier in guard tower
-1 missionary seen eaten by pigs
-En-Joo stabs 1 soldier repeatedly
-School Boy snipes 3 soldiers
-Rambo rips out 1 soldier’s throat
-School Boy snipes 2 more soldiers

Trail: 9
-Rambo’s claymore trap set on the Tallboy bomb blows up 9 soldiers nearby

Final Battle: 113
-Rambo cuts off the truck gunner’s head
-Rambo blows the truck driver into bloody pieces with the heavy machine gun
-Rambo mows down 14 soldiers using the MG
-School Boy snipes 2 soldiers
-Rambo mows down 2 soldiers
-School Boy snipes 1 more soldier
-Rambo mows down 9 soldiers
-Rambo shoots 1 soldier’s leg off, which would definitely bleed him out
-En-Joo shoots 2 soldiers
-Lewis headbuts 1 soldier hard in the face and cracks his skull
-Rambo mows down 3 soldiers
-Diaz shoots 1 soldier
-Reese stabs 1 soldier
-School Boy snipes 1 soldier
-Lewis shoots 1 soldier
-Rambo mows down 2 soldiers
-En-Joo blows up 1 soldier with a grenade
-School Boy snipes 1 soldier
-Diaz shoots 1 soldier
-En-Joo breaks 1 soldier’s neck and then stabs him to finish him off
-Rambo mows down 1 soldier
-Lewis shoots 1 soldier
-Rambo mows down 1 more soldier
-En-Joo shoots 2 soldiers
-Lewis shoots 1 soldier
-En-Joo is blown up by a soldier’s grenade
-Major Tint shoots a missionary
-Michael beats 1 soldier to death with a rock
-Karen rebels blow up 6 soldiers with artillery
-Rambo mows down 9 soldiers
-Myint shoots 3 soldiers
-Rebels shoot 5 soldiers
-Rambo mows down 9 additional soldiers
-1 soldier shot by friendlies
-Reese shoots 1 soldier
-1 soldier blown up by friendlies
-Diaz shoots 2 soldiers
-Boat gunners burn 3 rebels with flamethrowers
-Rambo mows down 1 boat gunner
-Rambo mows down 11 soldiers in a truck
-Rambo mows down the 2 boat drivers
-School Boy blows 1 boat gunner’s head off
-Myint blows up the boat with an RPG, killing the remaining 2 gunners onboard

Woods: 1
-Rambo disebowels Major Tint and kicks him down the path


-There could’ve been more people killed in the village massacre, but its chaotic nature means that I only count the ones shown killed.
-There are also numerous animals shown dead at the village.
-During the flashback scene, several other kills from the previous 2 films are shown, but only in explosions with no body provided (ie, Podofsky and Zaysen’s deaths), offscreen shootings and knifings, and can’t be counted as no bodies were provided for the kills.
-There were possibly more soldiers killed by the exploding Tallboy, but only 9 are shown before the explosion.
-Also, several dogs were killed in the explosion.
-Diaz is set aflame by the boat flamethrowers, but he didn’t seem to be on fire too badly and could’ve easily cooled off.