Peace Hotel (1995): Body Count Breakdown

Peace Hotel (1995): Body Count by luvmetender009


The Killer a.k.a Ping (Chow Yun Fat) – 72
Bandit Leader (Ting Moon) – 13


Flashback – 64
-Ping’s wife dies as soon as the film starts (literally)
-63 more corpses (at least!!!) seen

Visit from the Bandits – 2

-1 bandit’s corpse on a wheelbarrow, wheeled into hotel
-Bandit leader kills 1 of his own men

Hotel Gunfight – 55
-Ping massacres 55 bandits (Oh, my god!!!!!)

Showdown – 41
-Ping slaughters 16 bandits
-Bandits kills 5 people (at least)
-Bandit leader kills 11 people
-6 corpses seen on floor
-2 offscreen deaths (blood spurts into the air, perpetrator and victim unseen)
-1 offscreen death (blood spurts horizontally across the screen, perpetrator and victim unseen)
-6 corpses seen on floor

Duel – 2

-Ping kills bandit leader in bathroom
-Ping later dies succumbing to wounds caused by bandit leader


-Ping is mentioned to have killed at least 200 people, prior to the Peace Hotel’s establishment. Also, the film starts with the aftermath of a violent fight, where Ping is the ONLY survivor and could’ve possibly killed several people as well, but since none of the kills are seen they aren’t counted