Pale Rider (1985): Body Count Breakdown

Pale Rider (1985) Body Count by luvmetender009

(previously done by BodyCountMan)


Preacher (Clint Eastwood) – 11 kills
Hull Barret (Michael Moriarty) – 1 kill
Stockburn (John Russell) – 1 kill


“They shot him. Forever. The Bullets Kept Hitting Him.” – 1
– Spider Conway is shot several times by Stockburn and his deputys, before being finished off by Stockburn with a shot to the head

The Town/Final Showdown – 12
– Preacher shoots 4 of LaHood’s men inside the store, quick-draw style
– Preacher shoots 1 deputy as soon as he enters the store
– Preacher shoots 1 deputy off-screen (when the deputy re-appears, he has a gunshot wound in the head and succumbs shortly)
– Preacher shoots 2 deputys from behind a stack of crates
– Preacher throws a noose around the neck 1 deputy, then hangs him from a horse
– Preacher shoots Stockburn several times in the torso before finishing him off with a bullet to the head
– Hull shoots Coy LaHood before he could sneak up on Preacher


– Stockburn’s thugs rampages through a campsite, running over several people on horses and firing many shots into the air, but didn’t appear to kill anyone.
– In the same campsite rampage scene a dog and a cow is shot by Stockburn’s thugs.
– Preacher beats up a few thugs, non-fatally.
– Preacher blows up Stockburn’s encampment using dynamites, and destroys many of his facilities but the place appears to be deserted.