Out For Justice (1991): Body Count Breakdown

Out For Justice (1991): Body Count by BodyCountMan


Det.Gino Flino-(Steven Seagal) 13
Richie Madano-(William Forsythe) 7
Bobby Arms-(Jay Acovone) 3


You Ain’t Laughin Now: 1
Richie-shoots Bobby

I’m Asshole: 1
Richie-shoots a woman in the head

Plz Don’t: 1
Richie-shoots Chas

Gino’s Place: 7
Gino-shoots 6 of Richie’s men
Gino-pushes a guy off the firescape

Bar Shootout: 4
Richie, Bobby and another guy shoot 3 guys
Richie-Finishes off a guy

The Final Showdown: 6

Gino-shoots 4 guys whit a shotgun
Gino-kicks a guy in too a brick wall killing him
Gino-stabs Richie in the head whit a corkscrew


Note- in the bar shootout it was hard to tell who got exactly what kill amidst the chaos, but I counted 3 of them.