Last Action Hero (1993) Bodycount Breakdown

Last Action Hero (1993) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24


Jack Slater/Arnold Schwarzenegger/Hamlet (Arnold Schwarzenegger): 36
Benedict (Charles Dance): 21
The Ripper (Tom Noonan): 10
Whitney Slater/Meredith Caprice (Bridgette Wilson): 1
Whiskers (Voice of Danny DeVito): 1


Hostage Situation: 9
-The Ripper shoots 8 cops
-The Ripper kills 1 SWAT officer and throws him off the roof

MacBeth: 24
-Hamlet/Arnold throws Claudius out of a castle window to his death
-Hamlet/Arnold kills 2 guards with a sword
-Hamlet/Arnold shoots Polonius
-Hamlet/Arnold shoots 4 guards
-16 more dead guards seen laying around, all killed by Hamlet/Arnold

Ambush: 4
-Frank dies from his injuries
-The house explodes, killing Monoghan, Monroe, and another cop in the blast

Road Chase: 7
-Slater/Arnold shoots 1 thug riding on the back of the truck
-This causes him to fly off and through the windshield of an ice cream truck, blowing the truck up and throwing out an ice cream cone that impales 1 thug in the back of his head
-The van crashes and blows up, killing the driver and gunner inside
-The truck drives offcourse, causing 1 thug riding in the back to fly off
-The truck then crashes and blows up, killing the remaining 2 thugs inside

Flashback: 2
-Slater/Arnold shoots the Ripper
-The Ripper pulls Andrew Slater off the roof while dying from his gunshot wound

House: 6
-Whitney breaks 1 thug’s neck
-Slater/Arnold forces 2 thugs to shoot each other
-Slater/Arnold uses a cut electrical wire to shock a dead thug’s body, causing him to spasm and shoot 1 thug
-Slater/Arnold smashes 1 thug’s head through a wall
-Slater/Arnold shoots 1 thug

“Vengeance is mine”: 19
-Benedict’s bomb blows up Skeezy and 18 cops in and around the house

Hotel: 1
-Slater/Arnold shoots an assassin hiding in the closet

Penthouse: 12
-Leo’s dead body shown on roof
-Whiskers shoots Practice
-Mafia helicopter accidentally guns down 10 of their own people

Betrayal: 1
-Benedict shoots Vivaldi

Chicken: 1
-Slater/Arnold rams his car headfirst into Benedict’s taxi, killing the driver in the crash

Theory: 1
-Benedict shoots a car attendant

Roof: 2
-Slater/Arnold cuts a voltage pipe, causing it to fall onto the raining wet roof and electrocute the Ripper, finally killing him for all
-Slater/Arnold shoots out Benedict’s eye, completely blowing him up


-Arnold incapacitates a guard at the castle, but it didn’t look lethal.
-The cop that Death touched started to spasm, but whether he died or not wasn’t shown.