Heroes Shed No Tears Body Count Breakdown

Heroes Shed No Tears (1986) Body Count Breakdown by Rorschach94


Chan Chung (Eddy Ko): 69
Chin (Chin Yuet-Snag): 60
Louis (Philip Loffredo): 55
Chuck: 44
Chau Sang (Ka Lee): 22
Ah Yee: 13
The Vietnamese Colonel (Lam Ching-Ying): 3


Opening Raid: 82
Chau Sang blows up 8 soldiers
Chan Chung shoots 16 soldiers
Ah Yee shoots 8 soldiers, blows up 5
Chin shoots 13 soldiers
Chuck blows up 10 soldiers, kills 6 more with flamethrower
15 soldiers killed by mines
Ah Yee is killed

Chan Chung’s House: 5
Soldiers kill Chan Chungs father
Chan Chung kills 4 soldiers

Stopping the Execution: 20
1 man is executed
1 man shot by the Colonel
Chan shoots 1
Chau Sang shoots 3 soldiers, blows 1 up
Chin blows up 8 people, shoots 1
Chan blows up car, killing 4

Recruitment: 2
Soldiers kill 2 villagers

Hunters Attack: 22
Chan shoots 7 soldiers, stabs 1
Chau Sang kills 7 soldiers
Chin shoots 6 soldiers
Chuck kills 1 soldier

Village: 18
Chin blows up hut, killing 18 people inside of it

Forest: 14
8 bodies shown
Chau Sang kills 3 soldiers
Chau sang is stabbed, Chuck kills him out of mercy
Chuck kills 2 more soldiers

Flashback: 7
2 Vietnamese soldiers killed
1 American soldier dies
Louis kills 4 Vietnamese soldiers

Assault: 102
Chuck shoots 14 soldiers
Louis kills 29 soldiers
Chin kills 14 soldiers
Chan kills 11 soldiers
Louis, Chuck and Chan all throw grenades at the same time, which kill 7 people together. All credited with 7 kills
1 woman is killed
9 soldiers blown up
Chin is killed
Chan detonates the bombs in Louis’ barricade, killing 17 soldiers

Escape: 2
French woman is killed
1 soldier shot by the Colonel

The Last Stand: 19
Chuck shoots 3 soldiers
Louis blows up himself, the 2 girls, and 10 soldiers
Chuck is killed
The colonel kills Julie
Chan Chung kills the Vietnamese Colonel