Game Of Death II (1981): Body Count Breakdown

Game Of Death II (1981): Body Count by luvmetender009


Bobbby Lo (Tai Chung Kim) – 7
Valet (Roy Chiao) – 2
Lewis (Roy Horan) – 1
Chin Ku (Jang Lee Hwang) – 1


Robbing a Funeral – 1
-Billy Lo shot in the neck by a dart and fallls to his death

Tournament – 2
-Valet executes 1st contender
-Lewis kills 2nd contender

Night at Lewis’ Place – 2
-Whore killed by a lion (or, at least an assasin in a lion suit)
-Lewis killed by Valet

Finding the Tower’s Entrance – 1

-Bobby kills the Valet

Infiltrating the Tower – 5

-Bobby snaps a guard’s neck
-Bobby steps on 1 guard’s torso, crushing his internal organs
-Bobby kicks 1 guard into a pool of chemicals
-Bobby snaps the wrestler’s waist
-Bobby knocks last guard into set of electrified floor panels

The Truth Revealed – 2

-Chin Ku accidentally kills the monk
-Bobby stabs Chin Ku with his own sword


-Billy and Bobby both owned a frigggin’ load of people, but many of them are merely beaten unconscious instead of dying