Millionaires’ Express [Shanghai Express] (1986) Body Count Breakdown

Millionaires’ Express [Foo Gwai Lit Che / Shanghai Express] (1986) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Loi Fook (Kenny Bee) – 71
Ching Fong-Tin (Sammo Hung Kam-Bo) – 23
Yukio Fushiki (Jang Lee Hwang) – 2
Kunoichi Samurai (Yukari Ôshima) – 10
Young Samurai (Yasuaki Kurata) – 6


Siberia – 23
-Tin blows up a cabin containing 23 soldiers

Night – 7
-Yukio kills 1 bandit
-Kunoichi kills 3 bandits
-Young samurai kills 3 bandits

Trail to the Town – 10
-10 corpses of people killed by bandits seen

Town Square – 16
-16 more corpses

Taking Back the Town – 77
-Loi Fook shoots 71 bandits
-Kunoichi slays 6 bandits

Restaurant Fight – 1
-Yukio kills 1 bandit with a kick to the neck

Last Bandit Slain – 1
-Kunoichi slashes last bandit through the crotch.


-More corpses could be seen in the background in the finale which is too scattered to count.
-A bandit is flattened by a mattress, but he was probaly just unconscious.
-The conductor throws a businessman off the train, but it is moving at relatively low speed and the scene is played merely for comic effect.
-Tin beats up many, many bandits.
-Yukio kills a housefly with his katana (I’m serious, you’ve got to check it out yourself).