Crime Story (1993) Body Count Breakdown

Crime Story (1993) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Inspector Eddie Chan (Jackie Chan) – 9
Corrupt Detective Hung (Kent Cheng) – 1


Robbery – 4
-Chan shoots 1 robber
-1 car crashes into a truck, killing its driver
-Chan shoots 2 robbers

The Kidnap – 1

-1 police officer on motorbike crashes and dies shortly thereafter (the other officer survives)

Taiwanese Triads Hideout – 22
-Triads blows up 3 cops
-Cops shoots 8 triads
-Cops shoots 3 triads
-Cops shoots 3 triads
-1 person shot offscreen (shouts in pain)
-Cops shoots 2 triads
-Triads blows up 2 cops

Opera Fight – 2

-Chan knocks 1 triad off a balcony, where he lands heavily on a cupboard, then the cupboard collapses on him
-Hung kills Simon

Hospital – 1

-The other surviving officer from the Kidnap scene is revealed to have succumbed to his injuries

Market – 8

-Chan drops a shutter on 1 triad, crushing him
-Chan throws 1 triad into a set of electric panels
-Chan shoots 1 triad
-2 triads are beaten unconscious, they died in later explosion
-Chan shoots 2 triads
-Hung dies when the entire area explodes into dust