Collateral Damage (2002) Body Count Breakdown

Collateral Damage (2002) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Claudio Perrini (Cliff Curtis) – 13
Gordy Brewer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) – 11
Selena Perrini (Francesca Neri) – 9


Collateral Damage – 9
-Claudio’s bomb left in a crowded cafeteria in central LA kills 9 innocent people, including Gordy’s wife and son

Columbian Highway – 2
-2 corpses seen covered by white cloth

Parade – 2
-Woman guerilla shoots 1 millitary officer
-American agent shoots woman guerilla

Prison – 14
-Guerilla blows up guard tower with a mortar, killing at least 1 guard inside it
-1 guard blown by terrorists
-2 prisoners in their cells briefly seen dying from explosions
-Guerillas shoots 1 prison guard
-1 guard visibly blown up as terrorists fires rocket at a vehicle
-Prison guards shoots 1 guerilla
-Guerilla shoots 3 prison guards
-Prison guards shoots 1 guerilla
-Claudio shoots 2 prison guards
-Gordon strangles 1 guerilla

River Settlement – 4

-4 corpses of people executed by guerillas seen

Discipline and Punishment – 1
-Claudio kills 1 guy by forcing him to swallow a poisonous snake

Cocaine Plant – 1
-Felix shot dead by guerilla commander

Guerilla Compound – 8
-Gordy’s grenade trap blows up 8 guerillas

Fighting Terror with Terror – 23

-7 guerillas shot by helicopter’s machine guns
-Missile fired from helicopter blows up 3 guerillas
-1 guerilla’s corpse seen
-Grenade by millitary soldier blows up 2 guerillas
-The guerilla commander’s corpse is seen
-8 more corpses seen in background
-Millitary commander accidentally rolled over a landmine (this is purely accidental, and therefore not counted as Gordy’s kill)

Dulles State Dept. , Annex, Washington D.C. – 12
-Selena kills a woman officer
-Selena kills 1 guard in an elevator (off-screen, but his corpse is visible later)
-Selena’s bomb blows up 6 people (at least)
-Selena shoots Brandt in the head
-1 corpse seen in basement, victim ofClaudio’s
-Gordy smash Selena into a control panel, electrocuting her
-Gordy tossed an axe through Claudio’s chest


-Gordy’s explosive trap in the cocaine plant isn’t shown killing anyone
-More people could’ve been killed by Selena’s bomb