Mission Of Justice (1992): Body Count Breakdown

Mission Of Justice (1992): Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Kurt Harris (Jeff Wincott): 4
Dr. Rachel K. Larkin (Brigitte Nielsen): 1
Erin Miller (Cyndi Pass): 1
Akiro (James Lew): 1
Spider (Chuck Borden): 1
Korean Drug Dealer (Phillip Tan): 1
Officer Winger (Flint Lock): 1


Apartment: 1
-Spider beats Maria to death

Gym: 1
-Rachel slashes Cedric’s throat with two knives

Deal: 1
-Korean Drug Dealer shoots another Drug Dealer

Chop Shop: 2
-Kurt shoots Roach with a shotgun
-Kurt wraps a rope around Gabriel’s neck and tosses him aside, where he is choked to death by the rope

Jimmy’s House: 1
-Erin and Akiro suffocate Flora to death with a pillow

Warehouse: 1
-Sgt. Duncan is seen dead, killed by Officer Winger off-screen

Rescuing Jimmy: 1
-Kurt grabs Akiro’s head with his legs and slams it against the ground, breaking his neck

Final Fight: 1
-Kurt kicks Titus out a window to his death


-Many Gauntlet members are beaten savagely by Kurt but none of the hits looked fatal
-Many, many nameless thugs are beaten up by Kurt and Lynn but none of the hits are lethal
-Erin is beaten up by Lynn but she was most likely arrested rather than killed