Ming yue zhao jian dong [With or Without You] (1992) Bodycount Breakdown

Ming yue zhao jian dong [With or Without You] (1992) Body Count by luvmetender009


Tai Zi “The Prince” (Jacky Cheung) – 8 kills
Officer Ming (Leon Lai) – 1 kill


“Its your luck to die today” – 1
-Tai zi shoots 1 guy outside the florist’s shop

Docks – 1
-Tai zi’s men shoots 1 cop

Infiltration – 3
-Ming shoots 1 thug
-A stray bullet from one of the thugs accidentally hits a fuse box, causing an explosion that blows up 2 thugs

Nightclub / “No one’s leaving today!!!” – 4
-Tai zi shoots 1 bar attendant
-Tai zi shoots 1 cop
-Tai zi shoots an innocent woman
-Tai zi shoots 1 more innocent bystander outside the pub

“Stop that car!!!” – 1
-Tai zi shoots 1 traffic cop

Arrest – 2
-Tai zi runs over 1 cop
-Tai zi crashes his vehicle into the docks, drowning himself (suicide)


-A few more cops are thrown into the docks during the docks scene, but they’re never seen drowning.
-Tai zi shoots at the front of a pursuing police car during the chase, but didn’t kill anyone.
-Chui Yee is very, very heavily implied to be dead in the end.