Ming yue dao xue ye jian chou [Pursuit of Vengeance] (1977) Bodycount Breakdown

Ming yue dao xue ye jian chou [Pursuit of Vengeance] (1977) Body Count by luvmetender009


Fu Hung-Hsueh (Ti Lung) – 85 kills
Ye Kai (Lau Wing) – 25 kills
Ding (as Lau Wing) – 1 kill
Lu Xiao Jia (Lo Lieh) – 18 kills
Master Ma (Paul Chang Chung) – 3 kills
Fei (Derek Yee) – 7 kills
Xue Bin (Cheng Miu) – 2 kills
Ding Sheng-Feng (Wai Wang) – 1 kill
Master Bai Tian (Yuen Wah) – 3 kills


Opening/Flashback – 1
-Fu cuts down 1 guy

“There are 6 coffins… 5 of them are occupied!!!” – 6

-Fu slashes 2 of the Ghost Swordsmen
-Fu impales 1 more Ghost Swordsman
-Ye impales 1 of the Ghost Swordsman with his own sword
-Fu kills the last Ghost Swordsman

Garden – 1
-Lok Lok Shan’s corpse is seen

Coffins in the Garden – 4
-Tien, Zhi, Mu Rong and Zhuan are all seen dead

Great Hall – 5
-Ye kills 1 decoy elite
-Fu cross slashes lead decoy elite
-Ye kills 1 more decoy elite
-Fu kills 1 more decoy elite
-Master Ma kills last decoy elite

Seven-Star Position – 8
-Ye kill 5 assassins
-Ye throw a knife into last assassin’s forehead
-Fu slays evil doctor
-Fu cuts Grandma To in her back, causing her to fall into a pool and she dies in it

“I know there’s no need to ask you” – 1
-Master Ma stabs mistress San Niang through her gut

“Since you no longer had any worries, you may die”- 30
-Lu stabs the servant
-Lu kills 5 of his own
-Fu throws darts into 6 archer thugs on rooftops waiting to ambush them
-Fu cuts down 8 thugs
-10 corpses seen, killed by Ye Kai and Lu Xiao Jia (I’ll split the kills)

Death of a Leader – 1
-The decapitated corpse of Master Ma’s decoy is seen

“I’ll wait for your turn” – 6
-Fu cuts Hsiao’s neck as Lu finishes him off with a jab of his staff (shared)
-Fu cuts down 5 thugs waiting to ambush them

“Better die full than die hungry” – 10
-Fu kills 2 thugs
-Ye throws darts into 2 thugs
-Fu kills 4 last remaining thugs
-Fu impale Wei’s son
-Wei’s decoy dies after being stabbed by Lu

“The time… has come!!!” – 2
-Xue Bin stabs his servant, then himself

“If we want to kill you, it’s too easy” – 28
-Fu kills 15 thugs
-Fei kills Red Elite and 2 thugs
-Fu kills 3 more thugs
-Ye beats 1 thug to death
-Ye throws darts at the decoys of Yi Da-jing and Jin Feng-zi, killing them
-Fei kills 4 thugs (background)
-Fu kills 1 thug

“That night, we killed him” – 4
-Master Bai Tian kills 3 thugs
-Master Bai Tian killed by thugs

“We’ll kill his avenger too!!!” – 6
-Fu kills 4 thugs
-Ye Kai chucks a knife into Le Yin’s decoy
-Ding (disguised as Ye Kai) throws a dart into Liao

“The dead are all here” – 40
-Fu kills 2 thugs
-Ye break 1 thug’s neck
-Ye throws 2 darts into Xue and Ding
-Le Yin is seen dead, wounded by Fu
-Fu cuts down 10 thugs
-Master Ma kills Fei
-Fu kills 1 thug
-Lu smash 2 thugs’ heads
-Fu kills 8 thugs
-Lu kills 4 thugs
-Ye spears 2 thugs
-Fu kills 2 thugs, Yi Da-jing and Jin Feng-zi
-Fu stabs Master Ma in the back
-Ye kills Ding


-Ye Kai beats up plenty of thugs in the bar.
-Master Bai mentioned to have killed 23 people in his past.
-It is hard telling apart kills and knock-outs inflicted by Lu since he uses a staff most of the time, however I counted it as death if the beating seems lethal enough.