Long man sha shou tze yo ren [Killer’s Romance] (1990) Bodycount Breakdown

Long man sha shou tze yo ren [Killer’s Romance] (1990) Body Count by luvmetender009


Jeffrey Yo (Simon Yam) – 33 kills
Carmen (Carman Lee) – 10 kills
Chan Ben (Philip Ko) – 4 kills
Yakuza boss (Kenichi Ishida) – 2 kills
Ken (Yasuyoshi Shikamura) – 1 kill


Church Hit – 1
-Jeffrey shoots the Yakuza Chief in the head

Hyde’s Park – 4
-Jeffrey shoots out the wheels of the pursuing car, causing it to flip and crash killing the 4 Yakuzas in it

Home Invasion – 5
-Jeffrey stabs 1 triad in the gut
-Jeffrey shoots 1 triad from up close
-Jeffrey shoots 1 more triad
-Jeffrey shoots 1 triad while slidding down a flight of stairs
-Carmen shoots 1 triad

“Are you going to talk, or not?” – 1

-Chan Ben stomps Min several times until she succumbs

Cabin Assault – 3
-Carmen forces 1 triad to shoot himself
-Jeffrey shoots 1 triad
-1 dead triad seen outside, presumably killed offscreen by Carmen

Flashback – 1
-Yakuza chief shoots Jeffrey’s father

Finding Chan Ben – 20
-Jeffrey shoots 1 triad
-Chan Ben shoots 2 of his own with a single shotgun blast
-Jeffrey shoots 2 triads
-Jeffrey force 1 triad as a shield to be shot by other triads (shared)
-Jeffrey shoots 1 more triad
-Chan Ben shoots 1 of his own who was shot by Jeffrey earlier (shared)
-Carmen shoots 3 triads
-Jeffrey shoots 1 triad
-Carmen shoots 3 triads
-Cowardly triad accidentally shot by his own colleagues
-Jeffrey shoots 2 triads
-Jeffrey shoots 1 more triad on the stairs
-Jeffrey shoots Chan Ben

“It’s my orders to kill you” – 2
-Carmen shoots Ken
-Carmen succumbs after being shot by Ken

Confrontation – 13
-Uncle Fu succumbs after being shot by Yakuza boss
-Jeffrey forces 1 Yakuza to cut his own neck
-Jeffrey cuts down 9 Yakuzas
-Jeffrey cuts the burly Yakuza enforcer through his entire midsection
-Jeffrey slashes Yakuza boss through the forehead


-Jeffrey beats up a lot of kendo students in the kendo school.
-During the meeting, Chan Ben shoots 1 of his own but he’s later seen alive.