Live Free Or Die Hard (2007): Body Count Breakdown

Live Free or Die Hard (2007) [Unrated] Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Gregglop09)


John McClane (Bruce Willis): 12
Mai Linh (Maggie Q): 3
Del (Chris Palermo): 3
Matt Farrell (Justin Long): 2
Russo (Yorgo Constantine): 2
Emerson (Eduardo Costa): 1


Opening: 2
-Clay and his friend are blown up in their house by computer bomb

Apartment: 3
-John throws fire extinguisher down hallway and shoots it, causing it to explode and blast 1 terrorist out a window to his death
-John breaks 1 terrorist’s neck
-John shoots Terminator collectible, making it fall onto bomb detonator and trigger the bomb, which blows up 1 terrorist

Helicopter Chase: 5
-Del shoots 3 FBI agents
-John runs over fire hydrant, making its water stream hit the helicopter and causing Del to fall out of the helicopter to his death
-John blows up helicopter with police car, killing the pilot

Woodlawn: 4
-Emerson shoots 1 Hazmat tech
-1 Hazmat tech shot by terrorists
-Russo shoots 2 security guards

Hub: 12
-Mai chops 1 security guard’s throat
-Mai shoots 1 security guard
-1 security guard shot by a terrorist
-Mai shoots a technician
-3 security guards shown killed by the terrorists
-John shoots 1 terrorist
-2 dead workers seen near entrance
-Matt knocks 1 terrorist down elevator shaft to his death
-John sends SUV carrying Mai down the shaft, blowing her up

Control Room: 4
-3 hackers and Casper are shot by a terrorist

Freezer Room: 1
-John kicks on valve that sprays mist at Rand, causing him to fall and get shredded up by fan

Truck Chase: 1
-John shoots the truck driver and tosses him out

Hanger Finale: 4
-John shoots Trey
-John shoots 1 terrorist
-John shoots Gabriel
-Matt shoots Emerson