Licence To Kill Killcount and Body Count Breakdown

Licence to Kill (1989)

Starring Timothy Dalton

Dalton kills 13

Licence to Kill rights held by Eon Productions and United Artists.

Licence To Kill (1989) Body Count Breakdown by Longuecarabine

(Previously done by ASHPD24 and Kooshmeister)

[Character Kills]

RN Commander James Bond/Agent 007 (Timothy Dalton): 13
Perez (Alejandro Bracho): 3
Franz Sanchez (Robert Davi): 2
Dario (Benicio Del Toro): 2
Braun (Guy De Saint Cyr): 2
DEA Agent Ed Killifer (Everett McGill): 1
Colonel Heller (Don Stroud): 1
Agent Kwang (Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa): 1
Loti (Diana Lee Hsu): 1
Clive (Eddie Edenfield): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

G“Give her his heart”: 2
Perez strangles Alvarez’s bodyguard with a garrotte wire
Dario cuts out Alvarez’s heart with a knife offscreen (Scream heard)

Escape: 1
Killifer hits the DEA driver in the head with a shotgun and drives the truck into the water leaving him to drown

Felix’s House: 1
Della’s body is seen killed by Dario, Perez and Braun (Shared)

“God. What a terrible waste… of money”: 3
Bond locks a WaveKrest guard in a drawer full of maggots suffocating him
Bond pulls a WaveKrest guard into a tank full of eels with a hook electrocuting him
Bond tosses the case of money at Killifer causing him to drop into the shark tank where he is eaten alive by a shark

“Compliments of Sharkey”: 4
Sharkey’s body is seen killed by Clive
Bond shoots Clive with a speargun
Bond pulls off one of Krest’s men’s mask and hits him in the face with a spear gun leaving him to drown
Bond pulls the plane door free causing the co-pilot to fall with it into the sea to his death

Bar: 1
Bond shoots a mercenary

Failed Assassination: 5
The tank gunner shoots the shack causing a heavy beam to fall and crush the male ninja
The tank gunner blows up Fallon
Loti shoots a soldier
Heller shoots Loti
Kwang bites into a cyanide capsule poisoning himself

“Launder it”: 1
Sanchez ramps up the pressure in the decompression chamber then cuts the line with an axe causing Milton Krest’s head to inflate then explode

“Switch the bloody machine off!”: 1
Bond pulls Dario into the cocaine grinder shredding him to pieces

Dead End: 1
Heller’s body is seen impaled on a forklift by Braun

“You could have had everything”/“Don’t you want to know why?”: 7
Perez shoots a tanker with a stinger missile unintentionally blowing up one of Sanchez’s men
Bond unlatches his tanker and sets it to collide with another blowing up 2 of Sanchez’s men
Sanchez shoots Truman-Lodge
Bond opens the fuel valve on a tanker and pours the gasoline onto the road causing Braun’s truck to catch fire and Braun to drive off a cliff killing himself and Perez
Bond sets a gasoline soaked Sanchez on fire with Felix’s lighter and is blown up by the explosion of a tanker

[The Final Tally= 27]