Legends Of Tomorrow Season 6 Body Count Breakdown

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Legends Of Tomorrow Season 6 (2021) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09

[Character Kills]

Gary Green (Adam Tsekhman): 202
Mick Rory/Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell): 177
Captain Ava Sharpe (Jes Macallan): 177
Sara Lance/White Canary (Caity Lotz): 175
Astra Logue (Olivia Swann): 173
Dr. Nathaniel “Nate” Heywood/Steel (Nick Zano): 172
Zari Tarazi (Tala Ashe): 171
Behrad Tarazi (Shayan Sobhian): 170
Esperanza “Spooner” Cruz (Lisseth Chavez): 170
Kayla (Aliyah O’Brien): 15
John Constantine/The Beast (Matt Ryan): 11
Bishop (Raffi Barsoumian): 2
Bishop Clones (Raffi Barsoumian): 2
Lord Knoxacrillion (Unknown Actor/Voiced by Andrew Morgado): 1
El Comandante Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz (Tim Perez): 1
Aleister Crowley (Matt Lucas): 1
Captain Noriega (Leo Rano): 1
Marisa (Cynthia Mendez): 1
El Gato (Andres Soto): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Episode 1 “Ground Control To Sara Lance”: 1

“Prepare to die, savages!”: 1
Kayla (in her alien form) impales Spartacus with her tentacle then eats him alive

Episode 2 “Meat: The Legends”: 3

Ship: 1
Mick activates the Waverider’s windshield wipers killing an alien who crashed into it

Garage: 1
A butterfly alien eats Rhonda Beeman alive

Restaurant: 1
A butterfly alien eats Burt Beeman alive

Episode 3 “The Ex-Factor”: 5

Death Video: 1
Knoxacrillon stabs DJ S’more Money with a knife (Comes back to life)

Woods: 4
Gary (in his alien form) knocks an Ava clone into a tree with his tentacle killing her
Gary (in his alien form) eats an Ava clone alive
Gary (in his alien form) eats an Ava clone alive offscreen (Death screams are heard)
Gary (in his alien form) eats an Ava clone alive

Episode 4 “Bay Of Squids”: 3

Jungle Fight: 2
Mick throws a Cuban soldier out of a truck to his death
Steel punches a Cuban soldier in the chest with his steel hand sending him flying backwards killing him

“Well, I ain’t going down without a fight”/“Take that you Commie bastards!”: 1
General Kilgore is crushed by a nuclear missile launched by Castro

Episode 5 “The Satanist’s Apprentice”: 3

Meeting Bishop: 1
A Bishop clone poisons Sara Lance/White Canary with Zaguron venom (Comes back to life as a clone)

House: 1
Constantine (possessed by Crowley) sucks out Robert Truss’ soul (Comes back to life)

Ship: 1
Sara breaks a Bishop clone’s neck

Episode 6 “Bishop’s Gambit”: 2

Lab Fight: 2
A Zaguron rips out of Amelia Earhart’s body killing her
Ava shoots a Zaguron

Episode 7 “Back To The Finale: Part II”: 17

“You mind?”: 1
A Bishop clone shoots himself in the head

Standoff: 1
Mick incinerates a Bishop clone with his Heat Gun

Bar: 1
Future Nate Heywood/Steel is erased from existence killing him

Escape: 14
Gary detonates explosives planted by Sara incinerating a Sara clone (Shared)
Kayla blows up 7 Zagurons with missiles from her ship
Kayla (in her alien form) stabs 4 Zagurons with her tentacles
Mick shoots a Zaguron with his Heat Gun
Sara hits a Zaguron in the back of the head with a flashlight killing it

Episode 8 “Stressed Western”: 2

“Hell, if I let you touch me!”: 1
A Haverack alien eats a civilian alive

“Why won’t you die?”: 1
A Haverack alien eats Sheriff Levi Stapleton alive

Episode 10 “Bad Blood”: 7

“I know exactly who you are” “El Gato”: 1
Captain Noriega shoots El Gato (Comes back to life)

“Is that he’s a pissant with one ball?”: 2
Marisa shoots a Nazi
El Gato shoots a Nazi in the back

Cave: 4
Constantine blows up 3 Nazis with magic
Constantine crushes Captain Noriega’s chest with magic

Episode 12 “Bored On Board Onboard”: 6

Game: 6*
Constantine/The Beast stabs Nate Heywood/Steel in the back with a knife
Captain Ava Sharpe’s body is seen having had her throat cut with a knife by Constantine/The Beast
Constantine/The Beast cuts Sara Lance/White Canary’s throat with a knife
Esperanza “Spooner” Cruz’s body is seen having been stabbed with a knife by Constantine/The Beast
Astra Logue’s body is seen having been stabbed with a knife by Constantine/The Beast
Zari stabs John Constantine/The Beast in the back with a fireplace poker

Episode 14 “There Will Be Brood”: 3

House: 1
Celso Cruz is seen in a picture having died of unknown causes

Vision: 1
Doc’s men shoot Gloria Cruz

Fountain: 1
John Constantine dies from injecting himself with the serum laced with poison by Bishop (Shared, comes back to life as a mushroom)

Episode 15 “The Fungus Amongus”: 190

Woods: 2
Nate shoots a Zaguron with a shotgun
A Zaguron dies from being kicked in the air by Sara and shot with a shotgun by Ava (Shared)

Vancouver, 2212: 1
Bishop unintentionally overloads Ava Prime killing her

Final Battle: 186
Mick shoots 3 Zagurons with his Heat Gun
Kayla shoots a Zaguron
Ava shoots 3 Zagurons in the head with a shotgun
Astra blasts a Zagurons with magic
Ava shoots a Zaguron in the head with a shotgun
Ava punches a Zaguron hard in the head with a steel hand killing it
Kayla shoots 3 Zagurons
Astra blasts 2 Zagurons with magic
Sara blasts a Zaguron with magic
Mick, Behrad, Gary, Nate, Zari, Spooner and Astra hug and Ava and Sara kiss unleashing The Fountain of Imperium disintegrating at least 170 Zagurons (Shared)

Lawn: 1
Mick and Kayla’s Human-Necrian hybrid children eat Bishop alive

[The Unconfirmed And Uncounted]

-*Imagined kills
-No kills in Episode 9, Episode 11 or Episode 13
-120,000 of Spartacus’ warriors are mentioned to have died offscreen
-The entire population of San Berinido was killed by an alien offscreen
-Spooner shoots a butterfly alien into an electrical sign electrocuting it but it was only a bug
-Mick stomps on Lord Knoxicrillon’s alien form but he’s CGI
-Behrad uses his wind powers to knock down a door knocking down 2 Cuban soldiers but they were only knocked unconscious
-John F. Kennedy is mentioned to have been assassinated by an unknown assailant offscreen
-Alistair Crowley is mentioned to have died of unknown causes offscreen
-Astra vaporizes the Haverack alien with her magic but it’s a creature and CGI
-3 Redshirts are vaporized but it’s later revealed that they were banished to their planet instead of dying
-200 Bishop Clones are mentioned to have died of unknown causes offscreen

[The Final Tally= 242]