Knight And Day (2010): Body Count Breakdown

Knight and Day (2010) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24 (previously done by Gregglop09)


Roy Miller/Matthew Knight (Tom Cruise): 44
June Havens (Cameron Diaz): 10
Bernhard (Falk Hentschel): 1
Fitzgerald (Peter Sarsgaard): 1


Plane: 12
-Roy forces 1 agent to stab himself in the throat with a needle
-Roy breaks 1 agent’s neck
-1 agent accidentally gets a knife thrown into him by one of his partners
-Roy throws the knife into 1 agent’s chest
-Roy knocks out 5 agents; they are all killed when the plane explodes
-The pilot shoots 1 agent
-Roy shoots the pilot
-The pilot accidentally shoots the co-pilot in his death spasms

Freeway: 18
-Roy shoots 2 agents in one SUV
-Roy shoots 1 agent and the driver in the car with June
-Roy causes the first SUV to crash, killing Johnson and another agent inside
-Roy blows up another SUV carrying 4 agents
-June causes her car door to fly off and hit an SUV and forces it to crash, killing the 4 agents inside
-Roy shoots 4 agents

Warehouse: 12
-Roy shoots 12 commandos

Holding Escape: 1
-Roy kills the guard

Train: 2
-Bernhard stabs the chef in the back
-Roy kicks Bernhard out of a window and he is hit by a passing train

Betrayal: 1
-Fitzgerald shoots Braces

Mansion: 4
-Roy hangs up 3 thugs with a bull whip
-Roy shoots 1 thug

Motorcycle Chase: 9
-Roy runs down 1 thug
-Antonio and his driver are crushed in their car by bulls
-June shoots out the tires of one car carrying 2 thugs, causing it to collide with another car carrying 2 more thugs, and they both crash into Eduardo’s car, killing the first 4 thugs as well as Eduardo and his driver

Unstable: 2
-Fitzgerald and his pilot are blown up in their plane by the detoriated battery, given to them by Roy