Kiss Of The Dragon (2001) Bodycount Breakdown

Kiss Of The Dragon (2001) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Liu Jian (Jet Li): 10
Inspector Richard (Thecky Kayro): 6
Max (John Forgeham): 1
Twin #1 (Cyril Raffaelli): 1


Kitchen: 1
-Twin #1 breaks a businessman’s neck with a kick

Betrayal: 3
-Richard shoots Mr. Big
-Richard shoots prostitute
-Thug accidentally shoots another Thug

Hotel Chase: 3
-Richard shoots 1 thug
-Richard’s men shoot 2 thugs

“I Think”: 1
-Richard shoots one of his own men

Shaft: 3
-Liu kicks a henchman down the shaft to his death
-Liu blows 2 up henchmen with a thrown grenade

Lobby: 1
-Liu kicks a pool ball into an assassin’s head at full speed, killing him

Laundry Room: 1
-Liu forces a henchman into a industrial dryer and activates it, causing the henchman to be scalded to death by the hot water

Dinner: 2
-An assassin shoots the witness
-Liu kicks the assassin through a skylight to his death (the way he fell and the look on his face when he fell, indicates that he is in fact dead)

Chase: 2
-Richard shoots 2 innocents

Tragedy: 2
-Max shoots Uncle Tai
-Liu stabs Max in the throat with 2 chopsticks

Final Showdown: 3
-Liu drops Twin #1 on his neck, breaking it
-Liu breaks Twin #2’s neck with a kick
-Liu kills Richard with a puncture needle


-Liu brutally beats up many henchmen throughout the film but didn’t kill them
-Liu re-directs a henchman’s revolver gunfire into a guy’s nutsack but it is unknown if this killed him